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Real Estate Promotions: How to Make Them Work

Real Estate Purchase Incentives

Selling a home or finding tenants to rent a home to can be a tough job, especially if the housing market you work in is an expensive one. So how exactly do you go about getting more people interested in a property that’s up for sale or ready to be leased? If you’ve dropped the price as far down as you can while keeping your client happy, then you need something else to give your listing an edge.

At Odenza Marketing Group, we’ve been specializing in travel-based incentives for almost 20 years. As businesses’ number one choice for travel incentives, we know the numerous benefits they can offer any industry, including realty. From local trips to international experiences and cruises, we have travel incentives that speak to all avid travelers.

By utilizing our incentives, you can run unique and powerful promotions that bring potential homeowners or renters over the line. Travel incentive promotions stand out from the crowd and offer phenomenal results.

You could promote such an incentive as part of one of your property listings. Another approach could be to include the incentive as a business-wide promotion (if you’re a smaller real estate agency) or as being available at participating offices (if you’re a larger, national agency).

Other ideas include:

  • Using an incentive as a reward for new renters or tenants who renew their lease with you
  • A reward for any tenant who provides you with a successful referral
  • Offering a cruise to anyone who secures a new unit in a still-to-be-completed residential building/tower
  • Direct listing incentives: “Buy or sell with me and you’ll score a trip for two to Vegas!”
  • Tenant/client appreciation rewards

However you choose to utilize the incentives, a trip is the type of reward a new homeowner or renter is going to appreciate. They’ve already committed to a big investment, so why not reward them with one of the most emotionally powerful incentives possible?

Don’t worry, though, you won’t have to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to making your promotion work. Odenza offers ongoing support throughout the entire process, which also includes providing you with all the marketing collateral you could ever need to make your promotion shine.

Travel Incentives and Travel Certificates help auto dealers, furniture stores, and jewelry stores to attract more customers and increase sales. Travel Incentives are a great marketing idea as customers remember their travel experience for years to come, and help to generate referrals and repeat business

Real Estate Testimonials

Remax Preferred Realty

“The results were fantastic… In a company of 135 agents, we finished in the top 20. This is what sets us apart.”

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Sutton Realty Group

“Odenza’s incentives brought back consumer buying confidence during a slow housing market, and proved to be an effective tool to facilitate closing ratios for Sutton.”

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We offer a variety of marketing materials to help generate excitement at your store or place of business.
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If you’re interested, rest assured Odenza is here to help. We offer ongoing marketing support throughout the entire promotion. Whether you need to ask us questions, hit an unexpected problem, or just need some additional marketing collateral, Odenza has got you covered. Please fill out the form below if you would like more info regarding our incentive programs or require marketing support.

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