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Real Estate Promotion Picks Up Slow Season

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Real Estate Promotion

Founded in 1983, Sutton Realty believes that the real estate market is driven by highly personalized relationships between a business and their customers. Their top priority is to make customers happy and develop long-term relationships with them; they’re constantly updating their website so that it’s user-friendly and answers any and all questions customers may have. The website also features many resources that can help their customers with their move; this includes links to informative articles and useful apps and websites, a mortgage calculator, a free relocation package, many resources if a customer wishes to sell their home, etc.Sutton Realty is proud of what they offer their customers and they were even happier when their real estate promotion, organized by Odenza’s marketing team, helped to keep this philosophy alive.

One of their realtors, Austin Gangur, talked about the great experience Sutton Realty had with Odenza’s marketing team. Sutton Realty was faced with some challenges because of the slow business season. The real estate promotion, organized by Odenza’s marketing team and referred to as the “Stay and Play” incentive, proved to be an effective marketing strategy. This is because it helped Sutton’s realtors to finalize the sale when they offered their customers a meaningful and unique gift that helped set them apart from the competition. Additionally, it helped them to maintain their relationships with clients during the slow business season, as well as helped them to generate referrals. Finally, the travel incentives also helped to offset some of the higher priced properties that clients would look at.

Not only did Odenza’s marketing team help Sutton Realty with their slow season, customers, and sales, but the real estate promotion also helped with advertising. This was accomplished by providing Sutton Realty with referral cards, posters, web banners, direct mail design and high-resolution images for real estate marketing publications. The ads and travel incentives helped bring customers in, complete the sale, and provided Sutton Realty with referrals.

Travel Incentive

The travel incentive was a great marketing strategy for Sutton Realty and it can be for your business as well. Odenza’s marketing team is the best in the business, as is evidenced by their success with Sutton Realty and many other clients. A lot of it has to do with the work accomplished by Odenza’s marketing team, but some of is because offering your customers a travel incentive is a great marketing strategy for any business.

A travel incentive is a great tool for promoting your business, generating loyal customers, setting you apart from the competition and finalizing the sale (which can sometimes be difficult). It’s also great for your customers because they get more for the money they’re spending. After all, who doesn’t love a vacation? Overall, it’s a win-win for everyone!

Odenza’s Marketing Group was on Sutton Realty’s side when they planned an effective real estate promotion during a slow business period. Why not hire them to be on your side? Travel incentives are a unique and special gift that will help to generate profit, awareness and customer loyalty for your business. It’s not easy to plan a travel incentive, so, do what Sutton Realty did and choose Odenza Marketing Group to help you generate yours. Your customers will thank you and you’ll thank the Odenza Marketing Group.


Real estate marketing strategy for “The Cruise Couple”

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Running your own business is intimidating work. There are many things that you need to keep track of and the list can be overwhelming at times. Everything centers on how to increase sales and convince your customers to invest in your product; in other words an effective marketing strategy is key. One tactic that seems to work is offering travel incentives to your customers. Deb Koutoulas is a Real Estate Agent for Remax Preferred Realty in Windsor, ON in Canada and her and her husband give travel certificates to customers that buy or sell houses with them as a sales incentive. This is an example of an effective real estate marketing strategy.

The Powerhouse Cruise Couple

The Koutoulas are the top 20 out of 135 agents at Remax and they’re known throughout the city as the “cruise couple.” A large part of their real estate marketing strategy is the travel certificates they obtain through Odenza. The deal is that if a client buys or sells a house directly through them, they get a complimentary cruise for two. This deal may seem too good to be true, as things usually are, however, the couple emphasizes that this deal isn’t a gimmick. This has helped them to grow their now very successful business in the real estate market.

Has this Real Estate Marketing Strategy Paid off?

This complimentary gift the real estate couple offers has dramatically increased their sales, “As a marketing tool to drive traffic to our website, it works great,” said Koutoulas. They not only advertise it on their realty website, but have a long-running ad on Channel 9 that runs twice an hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The cruise deal also encourages the customer to go directly to the Koutoulas, instead of through their real estate agent. This helps drive the sale and since they use the travel incentives in a variety ways, it pays off in more ways than one.

How are they able to make this offer?

The answer is through Odenza and their amazing real estate marketing ideas. This company is a contributor to the tremendous success the Koutoulas have had in their market and real estate team. The couple came across Odenza after their current travel incentives company went under. After a colleague referred them to Odenza and after a bit of research, the Koutoulas ordered some cruise certificates, and the rest is history. The organization and professionalism of this travel incentives company have made the couple’s life a lot easier and has allowed them to focus on their work. As mentioned previously, they’re known throughout the community and are in the top 20 agents at their company. They truly believe the service Odenza has provided them contributes a large part to their success.

When asked if they would recommend Odenza to someone else, Koutoulas said yes. However, they don’t mention it to realtors in their marketplace so as not to destroy their competitive edge.

A bit of work can go a long way, so don’t let the hectic schedule of owning your own business stress you out! Everyone needs help sometimes and luckily, the Koutoulas have found that through Odenza and their effective real estate marketing strategies.