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Jewelry Store Promotions: What You Need to Consider

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A promotion is a good way to generate some fresh buzz for your jewelry store; but as is the case with any sales or marketing-driven endeavor, the execution is paramount. Half-measures and missteps can cost you valuable sales and undermine the entire promotion.

In this article, along with giving you some quick ideas on potential promotions you could run, I will outline some common pitfalls so that you can navigate your promotional efforts around them.

• Ideas

◦ Engagement promotions

◦ Valentine’s Day and anniversaries

◦ Promotions to help move higher-priced items

◦ Contests

• Pitfalls / what to be mindful of

◦ Budget

◦ Your audience

◦ Tone


When it comes to jewelry store promotions, there are plenty of great ideas out there worth considering.

As we specialize in travel incentives here at Odenza, these will be the primary giveaway examples we’ll use; but remember that no matter what you’re offering, you can work many offers into a range of promotional themes.

Engagement promotions

Engagements and jewelry go hand-in-hand, and as a huge milestone in anyone’s life it’s the perfect opportunity to give customers a reason to buy their engagement ring from your store.

As I touched on in a previous article about marketing your jewelry store, an engagement-themed offer is a great way to close sales – especially if the offer is something that will help your customers with their wedding, honeymoon, or future lives together.


That’s why previous and current jewelry clients of ours have utilized travel incentives such as a cruise for two or trip to Vegas as a way of saying, “Buy your engagement ring from us, and we’ll give you the perfect getaway for your Honeymoon.”

Valentine’s Day and/or anniversaries

In a similar vein, you can theme promotions around other romantic occasions such as Valentine’s Day or customers’ anniversaries. These could be “buy and receive” promotions or “buy and be entered into the draw to win a romantic trip for two” promotions.

Promotions to help you move higher-priced items

Have specific, more expensive jewelry you need to move? Promotions can really help. When you run a promotion and put these items in front of more eyes, you have a better chance of finding that customer (or customers) who is interested and has the necessary finances to spend.


A promotion, such as a trip or major event ticket, can help you upsell more effectively. A customer with the money to do so may still be hesitant to make a $3,000 purchase at your store without some extra push. After all, they’re spending big on you – so you should want to offer something to them as a thank you.


Remember that not every promotion has to outright require a purchase. Why not run a contest instead, be it online or in-store?

For example, every person who comes into your store can fill out an entry form to win cash, in-store credit, a fine piece of jewelry, a cruise, etc. All they have to do is provide their name, email, and phone number.

By doing so, you capture leads and prospective future customers. As long as the contest is fun to partake in and the prize(s) is worth it, then you’re going to have a wealth of people who build a positive association between your store and themselves.

Just remember, as I’ve noted in the past, the more required of the customer to enter the contest, the higher value the prize should be.


Whenever you run a promotion for your store, there are always going to be potential pitfalls. Whether it’s the budgeting, getting the tone of the promotion wrong, or targeting the wrong audience, the best strategy is to ensure you put the right amount of time into research.


You should always overbudget rather than underbudget. Under-budgeting, for clear reasons, can be problematic to how effectively (and for how long) you run your promotion and can put you in financial strife.

When talking about overbudgeting, I DO NOT mean investing more money than you can afford. Rather, if you have $6,000 to spend on marketing and advertising for a promotion, then create a framework for a budget of $5,000 and have $1,000 in reserve for contingencies.

If you simply used the entire $6,000 and had no additional buffer, then that would be underbudgeting.

When determining where the money will go, you likely have some clear numbers for the costs of physical collateral such as posters, flyers, and shop displays; but digital can vary across platforms.

These variations are minimal, but keep in mind that if you set a limit of $50 on Facebook ads, for example, the final cost could end up being a few cents or dollars over that amount (based on the costs per click or impressions).

If you’ve already spent $49 but another click may cost $1.59, then chances are Facebook will let that click occur before the ad is then paused according to your budgetary limits.

It’s a minor discrepancy in and of itself, but if you have multiple ads and boosted posts running on several social platforms, as well as search ads, this could tally to amounts that are a few dollars or more over your set digital limits.

Your audience

If the main platform of exposure for your promotion is digital, then you have a little more freedom to experiment with the audience you want to reach. After all, social networks and search engines offer a plethora of targeting options; all of which can be customized at any time if you feel your ads aren’t garnering the results you desired.

However, if you will also be implementing traditional channels into your promotion – print ads, mailouts, radio, TV, etc. – then you need to know the exact audience you want to reach. Because pulling and editing radio, TV, or print ads is a lot more involved and cumbersome than with digital ads.


Research, research, and research some more!

Who is your current demographic? Who make up the demographics you want to reach? How will you best craft your ads and promos to appeal to these demographics, and which platforms are the best for reaching them? These questions matter because you need to invest wisely.

Want to reach millennials? Then go online. Consider Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat over Twitter and LinkedIn.

What about older users such as baby boomers and even earlier generation X’s? Radio, TV, and print can be better platforms for them; but social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook also command a respectable chunk of older users.


Tone is important in promotions. Depending on your audience, your tone (voice) could and should vary.

For example, if you’re running a promotion focused on couples who are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversaries (a silver jubilee), then your wording and tone would be different than a promotion aimed at couples who could be close to an engagement.

People at different stages of their lives – personally, professionally, romantically – view the world differently, and the tone of your promotion needs to reflect that. Other factors, such as age, location, profession, and income can all play a role in determining the tone you should use.

Get in touch

I hope the information provided in this article has helped you think up some new ideas for how you can promote your jewelry store and its products. If there are any promotions you’ve run in the past that you have found to be particularly effective, we’d love to know about them in the comments below.

Want to learn more about travel incentives and how they can be used in jewelry promotions and contests? You can reach out to us by calling 1-866-883-2968 or by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.


Travel & Jewelry: a Sales Match Made in Heaven for Wisconsin Jeweler

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Wisconsin Jeweler Makes $360,000 in Sales with Travel Incentives

Who buys jewelry? Well, most of us do, but how much we buy and how often can depend on various factors. As research shows, most jewelry that is bought (whether bought by a man or a woman) is for women. Some numbers indicate up to 95% of all jewelry purchases are for women.

But the frequency and price of purchases also depend on the financial standing of the individual. As you’d likely assume, people who are better off financially and have more disposable income tend to buy more jewelry per annum.

For many jewelry stores, however, the November/December (or festive) period is when they used to make more sales. While this is still true to a degree, numbers have shown that jewelry sales are now more spread out throughout the year, and the sales boost in November and December tends to be less pronounced nowadays.

So, as a jewelry store, how do you boost your sales if you find your usual peak season is lacking? That’s what will be the focus of today’s blog, and I’ll be doing so by looking at a client of ours from Wisconsin.

A Local Wisconsin Jeweler’s Success Story

Located in southern Wisconsin, our client opened in 1992 and has stood as a much-loved jewelry store within the region. But just like any business, their General Manager, Jon, wanted to find a way to incentivize customers to invest in higher-ticket items.

To achieve this, the company decided to invest in our Vegas package, which offers qualifying customers a trip for two to Vegas. Jon was happy to try the package out, noting, “It was low risk to try it out, [and] our account executive made it clear that we would get free marketing support and the product was satisfaction guaranteed.”


How you implement any incentive package, and how it is promoted, is critical. After all, you want people to be excited about the incentive; and you want them to understand the inherent value of the incentive when it comes to making a qualifying purchase. For the client, customers would qualify for the Vegas certificate if they purchased products amounting to $1,800 or more.

In terms of promotion, the main approach they took was through radio advertising. But these advertising efforts were also complemented by in-store marketing collateral and having all staff well-versed on the requirements for customers to qualify, and the terms and conditions of the travel certificates themselves.

By executing the promotion in such a cohesive manner, they ensured they had the best chances of success; and ultimately they were very successful in the end…


Originally, the promotion ran for two straight months, and the client gave away 100 Vegas trips. Given how well those two months performed, they decided to extend the promotion by a further month and gave away another 100 trips. So, in total, they gave away 200 trips, with each trip only being given to those customers who spent at least $1,800 – a total sell value of at least $360,000.

The Takeaway

When you take a look at the overall performance of the client’s Vegas promotion, it’s hard to deny that the results were positive. By giving away 200 trips in 3 months, they managed to secure higher value purchases from customers, and the Vegas certificates even incentivized customers to pay more just so they could go on the trip, too.

But this wasn’t just a case of having a great incentive, it also came down to the effort the client put into every facet of the promotion’s execution. They ran ads that grabbed people’s attention, they had signage in their store that constantly reminded customers about the promotion, and the staff were well-trained so that they knew everything about the Vegas certificates and what customers had to do in order to qualify.

In short, the entire promotion and its ultimate success came down to the fact that it was run like a well-oiled machine. If any part of the effort had not been addressed with the care that was shown, the results could have been very different.

If you’re concerned about potential sales slumps during any period that has been historically slow for you, then offering customers travel incentives could be the right solution for you. Just remember to keep in mind why our client was so successful. It’s not a case of, “If you build it, they will come.” Once it’s built, people need to know it exists, and you and your team need to be able to relay why it exists and why they should be so excited for its existence.

At Odenza, we’ve been in the travel incentives and marketing business for 20 years. Not only do we have a wealth of travel incentives solutions to help your business, but we also provide marketing collateral so that you have everything you could ever need to run a successful promotion.

Once you’ve utilized our incentives and increased your sales, our very own in-house travel agents will help your customers plan their getaway, which they’re going on thanks to you. To find out more about our products and how we can help you go above and beyond your competitors, fill out the form below or give us a call on 1-866-883-2968.


Incentive Packages: What They Are & How to Use Them

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When it comes to advertising and marketing, there are so many products and services out there nowadays that it can be hard to fully understand what they do. As Odenza has specialized in the incentive travel market for 20 years, we know that explaining what our packages do is fundamental to clients knowing how they should use them and why they’re so valuable.

In this article, I want to provide you with an overview of what incentive packages are, how they can be used, and provide you with a couple of success stories along the way.

What are Incentive Packages?

As the name suggests, an incentive package – particularly travel incentives, in our case – is a product you can utilize to incentivize prospective customers toward a sale, inspire customer loyalty, and to motivate your team to strive for better results.

Say, for example, you run an auto dealership. You want to up your sales for the month, but you know that more run-of-the-mill offers such as cashback or free fuel for a year don’t bring in as much business as you’d like – and that’s because your local competitors are doing the exact same thing. If you were to throw in a unique incentive such as a 2-night trip to Vegas for two or a 7-day cruise with a vehicle purchase, this can command more people’s attention.


This is the basic premise of travel incentives and, by extension, incentive packages. They’re a value-added perk for those customers who buy something from you. If you’re looking to motivate your sales team to reach higher benchmarks, then you could use a trip to Vegas as the incentive for the highest achieving team member.

How You Should Use Them

To give you an idea of how these types of incentives should be used, it’s worth talking about one of our myriad success stories: Sutherlin Nissan in Florida, which is headed by GM Lance Lopez. They have been using our travel incentives for years, and this is thanks to the notable success they have had with them. Along with a random prize wheel that allows customers to win a cruise, the same cruise incentive has been used as an effective closing tool.

When one of Sutherlin Nissan’s customers is not 100% sure about buying a vehicle, Lance Lopez notes, “We’ll say, ‘What if we throw in a cruise for two?’ 90 per cent of the time, they say yes.” Hitting such a high closing rate is significant, and a fundamental aspect of this success depends on how you sell these incentives to your customers. So a lazy, half-hearted approach is obviously going to fail. If you don’t care about the incentive, why would your customers?

Be sure to keep these other tips in mind:

Promote your incentive across the board: Whatever marketing or ad channels you make use of on a regular basis, ensure you’re promoting your latest incentive on those channels.

Use collateral in-store: if your business has a brick-and-mortar location, make sure marketing collateral about the incentive is there – table talkers, posters, balloons; Odenza can provide this collateral for you. If your business is purely operated online, then make sure you have banners, CTAs, and other digital collateral/graphics that promote the incentive

Social media: don’t be afraid to regularly remind your customers about your latest incentive promotions across all social platforms you use – and remember that they are powerful marketing channels nowadays

Train staff: Make sure your team is well-versed on the ins and outs of the incentives you’re offering so that they can confidently and enthusiastically explain to customers what the exact perks and parameters of the incentives are.

Is There a Magical Formula to Success?

No, of course not. The best approach will always depend on your business, where you’re located, how many local competitors you have, who your target market is, and much more. But one constant is those tips I mentioned above. If you fail to embrace any of them, it can have a notable impact on the ultimate ROI you get. While it may come off as a cliché, being 100% behind any incentive promotion is the best way of moving toward success.

For example, another Nissan dealership we worked with in Toronto (PDF download), Ontario, hit numbers that were 176% over their sales targets. And part of the reason why this happened is because they had something unique to offer (the incentive itself – a trip for two to Las Vegas), marketing collateral about the incentive was everywhere throughout the dealership, and every salesperson enthusiastically brought the offer to customers’ attention. It was such a success that they extended the promotion for another month and a half. And, similarly to Sutherlin Nissan in Florida, they found the incentives to be a fantastic closing tool for sales.

So while you may need to take time to consider the best approach for your business, whether you run an auto dealership or have your own jewelry store, ensuring this promotion is kept front-of-mind for customers and your staff is one guaranteed, integral constant.

If you want to utilize an incentive to inspire your own staff or sales team (e.g. you’ll be giving a trip or cruise away as a reward), then chances are that value proposition is going to be easier to sell to them. A travel incentive has a longer-lasting, positive effect on morale and productivity. It is certainly going to command more attention and happiness than a small cash bonus, which has a comparatively limited sense of worth – once it’s spent its perceived value vanishes. But with a trip, your staff has the excitement of the trip’s impending occurrence, the joy of the trip itself, the memories and photos and stories to share after the fact… There is a profound longevity to the reward and the experience it offers.

Getting Started

No matter what your business specializes in or whether you want to incentivize customers or motivate your team, travel incentives and other incentive packages are great solutions. To find out more, fill out the form below, contact us online, or call us on 1-866-883-2968.


Vacation Certificates: The Ultimate Sales Tool

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A Look at How Vacation Certificates Lead to More Sales

The sales game can be an absolute nightmare sometimes. If you’re involved in it, you know how disheartening it can be to get oh-so-close to that much desired sale, only for it to slip through your fingers right at the end.

Closing a sale can depend on such a wide range of factors it can be difficult to keep track of them all. One common factor, however, is that it can be hard for the potential customer to justify the end cost. Yes, they may be getting a shiny new car (or a damn nice second-hand one), but they also know that there’s likely a lot of money involved and that most vehicle purchases don’t come with a return policy.

The key to overcoming this obstacle is to add value to the purchase. If you’ve been on our site before or read our other blogs, then you know that we specialize in travel incentives. For the consumer (aka your prospective customers), they would better know them as vacation certificates.

Fly away, go on a 5-day cruise, stay at a resort of your choosing across 3,000 locations, etc. It’s these vacation certificates that can sway the sales balance in your favor.

Vacation Certificates: The Basics

So, what are the basics of vacation certificates? In short, they’re a value-added product you can add to your sales strategy to help you close more sales. When you take a deeper dive into them, they’re a product that is specifically designed to help your business stand out from both your direct and indirect competitors.

The product itself could be a luxury cruise for two or a resort stay for a family. However you look at it, your business gains an edge on competitors because you’re offering your customers something they will truly value: a great vacation that will help them relax and rejuvenate.

Think about a home improvement business. If you were offering to construct a new deck on the back of someone’s home for $15,000. But now, it turns out that a few of your competitors have offered the same service and the same price – one of them has even undercut your price by around $200. How do you secure that sale if your competitors are just as reputable as you are? It comes down to added value.

If you can offer those customers a vacation certificate for a cruise, a trip to New York, a couple of nights away, or maybe two tickets to a concert or sporting event they love, then you will immediately command their attention. And because vacation certificates have a significant difference to many other offers out there, they help you cut through the noise of other competitors.

Do They Work?

It’s an important question to ask. After all, you don’t exactly want to invest money in a product and service that is going to fail to deliver. On average, our clients report a 21.8% increase in sales, which sits well above the industry average of 15%. Of course, this is an average, and we’ve had clients who have experienced astronomical sales increases, such as 300%.

Sutherlin Nissan, who is one of many great auto dealer clients of ours throughout the US, maintains a closing rate of approximately 90% when utilizing our cruise incentives. Willis Amica, who manages three dealerships in Syracuse, NY, has also found that our vacation certificates are a powerful closing tool.


For Royalty Goldsmiths, the jewelry store was able to upsell customers to purchase products totaling at least $1,995 (case study PDF download); the qualifying price to also receive a trip. So customers who might have been looking at a product (or products) of $1,500 were willing to pay for an additional $495 worth of products just so they could get a vacation, as well. Travel incentives don’t just make it easier to sell products or services at a base price, they can also make it easier for you to get customers to spend just a little more.

Want to Learn More?

At Odenza, we’ve been in the travel incentives and marketing business for 20 years. Not only do we have a wealth of travel incentives solutions to help your business, but we also provide marketing collateral so that you have everything you could ever need to run a successful promotion.

Once you’ve utilized our incentives and increased your sales, our very own in-house travel agents will help your customers plan their getaway, which they’re going on thanks to you. To find out more about our products and how we can help you go above and beyond your competitors, fill out the form below or give us a call on 1-866-883-2968.


Jewelry Store Promotional Ideas to Attract More Customers

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Jewelry Store Increases Sales with Vegas Purchase Incentive

Jewelry Store Promotional Ideas

It’s no secret that if you own your own business, advertising is essential. Advertising creates awareness for both your business and your customers. Your company benefits from advertising because it helps get your company name out there; it’s a vital part of any marketing strategy. Customers will see your ads and this will stimulate some curiosity. Without advertising, traffic flow in any and every store would be stagnant.

Customers also benefit from advertisements, even though people always complain about how annoying they can be. Advertisements help create awareness among customers, educating them as to what their options are when buying something they need. Therefore, it’s important to include all necessary information in your ads. That being said, it’s important to remember advertising by itself may not be enough. You also have to know how to effectively advertise.

Effective ad ideas include things like appealing to the customer’s emotions, knowing your audience, including all the important information about the product, making the ad eye-catching, etc. This can be tricky. Essentially, your ad ideas need to motivate your customers to walk into your store.

One exciting thing to feature on advertisements is a travel incentive. These help your ads stand out (because customers will only look at an ad for a second) from the competition. They’re a gift-with-purchase, a freebie, and if you effectively promote this travel incentive, customers won’t be able to resist the offer.

Jewelry Store Promotional Ideas

A Great Jewelry Store Advertising Idea

A travel incentive is a complimentary vacation you reward your customers with when they choose you over your competitors. It’s great to include in your advertisements. This is because travel incentives not only reward your customers, but they also positively promote your business. The offer looks great on any advertisement and gives your customers a reason to talk about your business with their friends and family. Word of mouth is the best way to get new customers as people trust their friends and family for referrals. Imagine them sitting around and mentioning that they’re going on a complimentary vacation just because they bought something from your store. It’s a great offer, but as you might imagine, hard to start by yourself.

Travel incentives are very effective at increasing traffic flow and sales to your store. However, just like designing an effective ad and marketing strategy, planning a travel incentive isn’t easy. Think about how much planning you do for your own vacations. Now, imagine doing that for every one of your customers. That’s a lot of work, right? This is why it’s a good idea to outsource with a company like Odenza Marketing Group. Their team will work with you every step of the way to help make your special promotion a success.

If you think this offer and company sound too good to be true, just ask Sammy Karaja, the owner of Borealis Diamonds in Alberta, Canada. Karaja decided to collaborate with Odenza Marketing Group to plan a jewelry store promotion and offer a travel incentive. The sales and in-store traffic that this jewelry store promotion brought Borealis Diamonds were much higher than average for the store.

Borealis Diamonds cares about their customers as they offer some great services including jewelry repair, custom designing, watch repair, and engraving. Their products are also amazing as they sell Canadian diamonds, brand name watches, gemstones, gold/silver jewelry, and are an exclusive retailer of Simon G. Best of all, if you’re working with a budget, they offer some amazing clearance items, in addition to their regular priced items. This is regularly featured in their advertisements as part of their marketing strategy. However, they were still having some problems generating awareness for their store. This changed when Odenza Marketing Group helped Karaja come up with an amazing travel incentive for Borealis Diamonds.

The Jewelry Store Promotion

When they started offering the Odenza travel incentives, their offer was simple. During the jewelry store promotion, every customer that spent $2,000 or more would receive a free trip to either Las Vegas or Mexico. There was also a raffle featuring one of the trips as a reward at their other store location. This jewelry store promotion generated a lot of excitement among their customers.

What made this jewelry store promotion so effective wasn’t just how amazing the offer was, but also how it was advertised. Borealis Diamonds and the Odenza Marketing Group advertised this special promotion on various radio stations and in newspapers, as well as on posters they hung up on their store windows. Karaja knew the newspaper advertisements were effective because he saw many customers walk into his store holding the newspaper ad in their hands.

The posters were effective because as people walked by the store, these ad ideas really grabbed some attention. They really helped to create awareness for Borealis Diamonds. Most customers that walked in said they had no idea Borealis Diamonds was there until they saw their eye-catching ads featuring the travel incentive. When talking about the special offer, Karaja said, “It’s very strange, we’re in the middle of downtown and people drive by every day, but they don’t even notice that we’re here. Giving out trips for 2 to Vegas or Mexico is something really big and people actually talk about it.” The jewelry store promotion was also advertised by word of mouth as many people came in because of referrals from friends and family.

Finally, if customers were unsure whether they wanted to take advantage of the offer, Odenza gave Karaja and his employees “Be-Back” cards. These cards featured all the important information about the travel incentives on them. If customers were on the fence about buying jewelry from Borealis, they were given these cards. It gave customers the opportunity to think about the offer, cutting some of the pressure on them. What was also great, was that they usually came back after receiving these cards.

Watch the video below to see another Jewelry store success story.

Let Odenza Marketing Group Help You

As you can see, the Odenza Marketing Group helped Karaja and Borealis Diamonds in more than one way with this jewelry store promotion. They helped them plan an amazing offer and helped them come up with some very effective ad ideas to promote this offer. This offer also generated positive awareness amongst new customers. The travel incentive really helped shine a positive light on Borealis Diamonds, and it can do the same for your company.

The results of this jewelry store promotion were made possible because of the effective ad ideas that Odenza Marketing Group generated with Borealis Diamonds. This is where Odenza Marketing Group comes in. They’ll work with you and your customers every step of the way to make sure your offer is unique and appealing.

Just like they did with Borealis Diamonds, Odenza will help you generate some great ad ideas for your special promotion. Odenza’s award-winning sales and marketing teams work with their clients to make sure customers are aware of the offer through effective advertising and marketing. They also offer free marketing materials, such as posters, banners, balloons and more to decorate your store and really make your offer stand out.

Then, Odenza’s experienced travel agents will work with your customers to help them plan their complimentary getaway. Borealis let their customers choose between Mexico and Las Vegas, but Odenza has many destinations to choose from. Some of Odenza’s incentives include cruises, Disney World, sports tickets and exotic resort getaways. You’re sure to find something that your customers will enjoy. They’ll get their complimentary vacation planned out with Odenza and all you have to do is hand them the travel certificate. Odenza will handle the rest.

Best of all, Odenza offers a free consultation, so you can get the information you need to make a decision when you’re comfortable. Your customers will thank you for the great reward and you will have barely lifted a finger to make it happen. So, what are you waiting for? Call Odenza today for help in advertising, promotion, and planning an offer that will really reward your customers. Travel incentives are more affordable than you might think and they’re one of the best ad ideas out there!


Jewelry and Photography business marketing ideas

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Jewelry Store and Photography business marketing ideas

A Marketing Strategy that Helps You Stand Out

According to Forbes magazine, there are currently 28 million small businesses in the U.S. alone. This doesn’t include chains or foreign markets that U.S. customers can gain access to via the Internet. So, it’s safe to say that it’s vital to develop fresh, new marketing strategies for your business if you want to stay ahead of the competition. But, what can you do?

One of the best marketing strategies is to host a special event at your store. Special events offer any business benefits including grabbing potential customer’s attention, offering something exciting to feature on an ad, generating excitement for both customers and employees, etc.

To make your special event exciting, you want to show your customers that you value their business and loyalty. So, when you host these special events, you want to feature and offer fun and unique special contests and special prizes.

A great example of a store that offered these fun and exciting special contests and special prizes is Expressions Photo and Jewelry. Just before the Christmas season, Jeremy Klassen, the owner of this fine retail jewelry store that also offers wedding and engagement photography services, wanted to host a jewelry store promotion. Therefore, he (and the Expressions team) organized one of these special events as a marketing strategy to bring local customers in. Klassen said, “We live in a small town, so the mentality is that you need to drive 200-300 km out of town in order to get a good deal or reliable product information.” So, what did he do?

The Jewelry Store Promotion

Expressions Jewelry advertised this special promotion all over Facebook, the radio, in the mail, billboards, and flyers. The special event offered the store something exciting to feature on their ads. It also was used as an effective marketing strategy to clear inventory out from their old store and to promote the Grand Opening of their new store.

The first special event lasted 3 days and was advertised as “giving away a trip a day.” If customers spent $100 or more, they were automatically entered into a drawing to win a travel incentive. If, however, they spent $1500 or more during this jewelry store promotion, they received a travel incentive as a gift.

The second special event was their Ladies’ Night, where they offered their female customers complimentary appetizers and punch. Women were also automatically entered into a draw to win a travel incentive if they filled out a wish list. This wish list consisted of the items they loved in the store, which was then sent out to their significant others just in time for Christmas.

One of the biggest highlights of this special event was, of course, the travel incentive. However, as you can imagine, planning this kind of marketing strategy can take up a lot of time. This special prize wasn’t planned by Expressions Jewelry, or Klassen, alone. The Odenza Marketing Group helped Expressions Jewelry to implement the travel incentive in their jewelry store promotion.


The Odenza Marketing Group

As you can imagine, planning and implementing this kind of special promotion is very time-consuming, but it’s important that it be planned correctly as there’s little room for error. So, one option is to outsource and hire a company to do some of the planning for you. Since Klassen wanted to offer a travel incentive, he turned to the Odenza Marketing Group.

A travel incentive is a special prize to offer customers because it’s very unique. It’s not every day that someone is sent on a complimentary vacation, and this is especially true if they’re sent on this trip as a reward for buying something they were already planning on buying. Travel incentives are special prizes that really help any business stand out from the competition. This is especially true if you hire the Odenza Marketing Group, as they offer exclusivity to their clients within their market.

Also, if you think that travel incentives might be out of your price range, think again. Expressions Jewelry isn’t a large chain, yet they were able to afford this offer because they hired the Odenza Marketing Group. Additionally, the sales benefits are also evident after the special event ends. After working with the Odenza Marketing Group, Klassen said, “We definitely saw an increase in traffic and it brought us business. Our average sale increased from $1000.00 to $1500.00. Like I said, it’s hard to get locals to buy local here, so it definitely was a success.”

After working with the Odenza Marketing Group, businesses saw an average increase of 21.8% in their sales. This is well over the industry standard (set at 15%) and this success isn’t just because travel incentives practically sell themselves (in addition to your products). This success is also attributed to the fact that the Odenza Marketing Group is a great company to work with.

According to a study conducted by Concordia University, the Odenza Marketing Group is the number one travel incentives company in the market. Their sales team has won Carnival Cruise Lines’ “Pinnacle Club” award for sales excellence three times and their marketing team has won three awards from the Gallery of Superb Printing Awards. They offer you free marketing materials and employ experienced travel agents. You can rest assure that your customers will thoroughly enjoy themselves on their vacation. They’ll thank you for it and you’ll thank the Odenza Marketing Group.

How the Odenza Marketing Group can help Your Business

The Odenza Marketing Group is eager to help you add this unique offer to your marketing strategy just like they did with Expressions Jewelry and their jewelry store promotion. So, make your special event extra special. Marketing is about making your customers happy by finding out what they want. So, why not offer them a complimentary vacation? You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Get started by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.