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Incentive Packages: What They Are & How to Use Them

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When it comes to advertising and marketing, there are so many products and services out there nowadays that it can be hard to fully understand what they do. As Odenza has specialized in the incentive travel market for 20 years, we know that explaining what our packages do is fundamental to clients knowing how they should use them and why they’re so valuable.

In this article, I want to provide you with an overview of what incentive packages are, how they can be used, and provide you with a couple of success stories along the way.

What are Incentive Packages?

As the name suggests, an incentive package – particularly travel incentives, in our case – is a product you can utilize to incentivize prospective customers toward a sale, inspire customer loyalty, and to motivate your team to strive for better results.

Say, for example, you run an auto dealership. You want to up your sales for the month, but you know that more run-of-the-mill offers such as cashback or free fuel for a year don’t bring in as much business as you’d like – and that’s because your local competitors are doing the exact same thing. If you were to throw in a unique incentive such as a 2-night trip to Vegas for two or a 7-day cruise with a vehicle purchase, this can command more people’s attention.


This is the basic premise of travel incentives and, by extension, incentive packages. They’re a value-added perk for those customers who buy something from you. If you’re looking to motivate your sales team to reach higher benchmarks, then you could use a trip to Vegas as the incentive for the highest achieving team member.

How You Should Use Them

To give you an idea of how these types of incentives should be used, it’s worth talking about one of our myriad success stories: Sutherlin Nissan in Florida, which is headed by GM Lance Lopez. They have been using our travel incentives for years, and this is thanks to the notable success they have had with them. Along with a random prize wheel that allows customers to win a cruise, the same cruise incentive has been used as an effective closing tool.

When one of Sutherlin Nissan’s customers is not 100% sure about buying a vehicle, Lance Lopez notes, “We’ll say, ‘What if we throw in a cruise for two?’ 90 per cent of the time, they say yes.” Hitting such a high closing rate is significant, and a fundamental aspect of this success depends on how you sell these incentives to your customers. So a lazy, half-hearted approach is obviously going to fail. If you don’t care about the incentive, why would your customers?

Be sure to keep these other tips in mind:

Promote your incentive across the board: Whatever marketing or ad channels you make use of on a regular basis, ensure you’re promoting your latest incentive on those channels.

Use collateral in-store: if your business has a brick-and-mortar location, make sure marketing collateral about the incentive is there – table talkers, posters, balloons; Odenza can provide this collateral for you. If your business is purely operated online, then make sure you have banners, CTAs, and other digital collateral/graphics that promote the incentive

Social media: don’t be afraid to regularly remind your customers about your latest incentive promotions across all social platforms you use – and remember that they are powerful marketing channels nowadays

Train staff: Make sure your team is well-versed on the ins and outs of the incentives you’re offering so that they can confidently and enthusiastically explain to customers what the exact perks and parameters of the incentives are.

Is There a Magical Formula to Success?

No, of course not. The best approach will always depend on your business, where you’re located, how many local competitors you have, who your target market is, and much more. But one constant is those tips I mentioned above. If you fail to embrace any of them, it can have a notable impact on the ultimate ROI you get. While it may come off as a cliché, being 100% behind any incentive promotion is the best way of moving toward success.

For example, another Nissan dealership we worked with in Toronto (PDF download), Ontario, hit numbers that were 176% over their sales targets. And part of the reason why this happened is because they had something unique to offer (the incentive itself – a trip for two to Las Vegas), marketing collateral about the incentive was everywhere throughout the dealership, and every salesperson enthusiastically brought the offer to customers’ attention. It was such a success that they extended the promotion for another month and a half. And, similarly to Sutherlin Nissan in Florida, they found the incentives to be a fantastic closing tool for sales.

So while you may need to take time to consider the best approach for your business, whether you run an auto dealership or have your own jewelry store, ensuring this promotion is kept front-of-mind for customers and your staff is one guaranteed, integral constant.

If you want to utilize an incentive to inspire your own staff or sales team (e.g. you’ll be giving a trip or cruise away as a reward), then chances are that value proposition is going to be easier to sell to them. A travel incentive has a longer-lasting, positive effect on morale and productivity. It is certainly going to command more attention and happiness than a small cash bonus, which has a comparatively limited sense of worth – once it’s spent its perceived value vanishes. But with a trip, your staff has the excitement of the trip’s impending occurrence, the joy of the trip itself, the memories and photos and stories to share after the fact… There is a profound longevity to the reward and the experience it offers.

Getting Started

No matter what your business specializes in or whether you want to incentivize customers or motivate your team, travel incentives and other incentive packages are great solutions. To find out more, fill out the form below, contact us online, or call us on 1-866-883-2968.


Hundred-Year Retailer Closes its Doors – What are the Lessons?

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This article originally appeared on LinkedIn.

When I first heard that Ingledew’s was closing its doors after 100 years in business my first reaction was, Humph – oh well, there goes another one.

After all, the media has been filled with the news of retailer bankruptcies rising and rising for the past few years. One of the most popular recent TED talks is of Dan Bell, who filmed the urban decay of dead shopping malls. Apparently, nobody goes to the mall anymore or malls have been totally over built, again the message is the same: retail is dying.

RETAIL IS ALIVE AND WELL… thank you very much!

Here in Vancouver where I live, and quite literally across the street from where our offices are, there’s a mall called Brentwood Mall. Brentwood Mall is going through a multimillion-dollar revitalization. The parking lots, which are massive and common in most malls, are being replaced with residential towers. There is a new train station that opened a few years ago right across the street, and the entire neighborhood is being rebuilt. In the center of this all is a mall!

The same is going on 15 miles away at another mall called Oak Ridge. And another 15 miles away in another direction is Designer Outlets, the high-end outlet mall close to the airport and linked with the subway station. Last year a massive shopping center with a Cabela’s opened up across the river.


Just this weekend my wife and two daughters, along with their aunts, all jumped in their cars and drove 30 miles to get together with all the sisters and spend the day shopping for new summer clothes.


Retail’s future is not in its utility, but in the experience. People have not lost their desire for an experience, entertainment, or the bonding with friends and family. What people are looking for is proximity, a vibrant atmosphere, a connection with people, experiences that add value to their lives. Seems to me that Ingledew’s failed to offer all of these things.


1. Move away from the common lines sold at Nordstrom’s, the Bay, etc., and move towards premium brands at lower volume and higher prices.

2. Calculate the cost of the promotional discounting going on, 30% off, 50% off, 70% off these traditional products as mentioned above. The savings from the discounting can be pushed into a larger marketing budget.

3. Move more money towards female influencers and fashion forward influencers on social media.

4. Utilize more events, more giveaways, more prizes. Think more towards experiential rewards.

5. Customers are active on social media, so look for creative ways to place your product inside their lives. Think about tickets to a show and a customer snapping herself on a date with her new heels at a concert or show, or even a vacation incentive with her new sandals on a beach.

6. Don’t forget about your staff: training on the new products, involving them in social media, involving them in how your product is used. Leverage your staff to also be your brand ambassadors.



Life is not over for retailers but I fear, in the short term, it is going to be a lot tougher. But retail is not dead; it’s just changing. Think about how you can be more deeply involved in the experience with your product and your consumers. Your involvement in their lives is not over at the cash register, it’s just beginning – but you’ve got to bring some imagination to your marketing.

This is a 100-year-old company selling shoes and I, as a resident of the city, arguably their target market, had never heard of them. I buy shoes – I have a lot of shoes. And yet I had never heard of this company.

Only after hearing about their bankruptcy did I go and look at their website, and you know what I found? Really nice shoes. Those were my exact comments to my wife: “These are really nice shoes.”

When you’re in retail, your only job is to move product. In most cases, you don’t make the product, so you don’t have to worry about sourcing materials, manufacturing – maybe a little distribution if you have a warehouse, but really it’s just about pushing product.

And pushing product out the door is all about sales and marketing. Given the pressures on both of these fronts, the singular solution is creativity.


I’m sorry, but thinking outside the box, coming up with innovative ways to market and sell… well that’s your only job. No, of course not everything’s going to work, but that’s part of the gig. You must not only be smart enough, but also a little humble. Good retail marketers know they must stay on top of technology and trends; but they have to experiment. You should try new things.

I talk to retailers every day and it’s the most common trait that I have found: this general unwillingness to be creative. You find your comfort zone, you have a good month, a good quarter, maybe even a good year, and that’s it. Maybe you think you have found the holy grail of marketing and retail because you’ve stitched together a few back to back periods with sales and profit growth.



70% of our customers are retailers, so I have a vested interest in trying to get a message out to anybody who’s in retail that will listen. Open your eyes, open your ears, and let ideas flow. Try things, experiment – not everything is going to work, but that’s okay. Your job is to push product, and your job is to market and sell it, and you’ve got to continually find new, innovative, and creative ways to do it.

I don’t believe retail is dead; I believe retailers will succeed. So let fresh ideas through, and try some things that you may not have thought of – your very survival depends on it.

If you’d like to find out how Odenza can help, be sure to contact us online, fill out the form below, or call us on 1-866-883-2968.


DirectBuy sees Increase in Sales and Memberships with Odenza Promotion

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Furniture wholesaler uses Odenza promotion cleverly to increase sales

What is DirectBuy?

When you own your own business, customers may discover some positive things about your company and some negative things. One of your jobs as the owner is to do what you can to eliminate some of these negative things. One company that successfully eliminated some negative opinions is DirectBuy, specifically DirectBuy of Edison, New Jersey.

DirectBuy is a membership buying service for homeowners. Headquartered in Merrillville, Indiana, this company offers discounts to their customers who pay for a membership. The membership discount can be anywhere from 10% to 45% off retail price and includes discounts on over 1,000 products from over 700 different brands. Some of these brands include Mohawk, Lazzaro, Stein World, Elk, Loloi, Vermont Castings, Barca Lounger, etc.,

How can DirectBuy afford to do this? Well, when retail stores buy from furniture manufacturers, they have to make money from the sale. In order to do this, they markup the price of the product, which includes what the store pays to get the product, plus overhead, and what the store needs to make a profit. With DirectBuy, however, these markups don’t apply because the furniture is directly sent from the manufacturer to the customer.

Sounds pretty great, right? DirectBuy claims that it’s the largest members-only franchise in North America. They have locations all over the U.S., some of which are doing pretty well. For example, the DirectBuy in Boston was recognized for its 20 years of participation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in October 2007. Also, Direct Buy of Ottawa received the Consumer’s Choice Award for Business Excellence in 2007 and 2008. Finally, various DirectBuy locations in Vancouver and Coquitlam won the Consumers’ Choice Award for Business Excellence in 2008.

However, to get this membership you have to pay an upfront fee which can be expensive. This is where DirectBuy had to come up with an incentive to overcome this possible objection.

DirectBuy’s Membership

When you sign on with DirectBuy, most of the time there is a contract term required. This is why some people might have doubts about investing in a membership.

Edison, New Jersey’s Marketing Strategy

While this might be true in some cases, DirectBuy of Edison, New Jersey discovered a pretty effective marketing strategy to alleviate some of the costs for customers. The branch’s Marketing Manager, Pete D’Auito, outsourced with the Odenza Marketing Group to plan a fun, complimentary 4-day, 3-night cruise promotion. When customers signed up for a membership (or if they were on the fence about it), they’d receive a travel certificate for a cruise that was worth $1,000 (they only had to pay for taxes and airfare, which was made clear to them at the time of purchase).

D’Auito wanted to find a marketing strategy that would encourage customers to invest in the membership. The honesty and legitimacy of the travel incentive really paid off as it gave customers something extra for their money in addition to another reason to buy the membership. When asked about the success of this special promotion, D’Auito said, “No question, the cruise incentive has helped us build our membership base.”

Benefits of Offering Travel Incentives

Offering a travel incentive is a great marketing strategy for any company. D’Auito and DirectBuy received two benefits; they offered a travel incentive to their customers as a way to gain more memberships, which their customers would easily enjoy and their customers received a complimentary gift for their investment. Other benefits from this kind of offer include generating a healthy sales competition among your employees (which can be a bonding experience), increased loyalty from both the staff and your customers, and the universal appeal of this special prize.

An enjoyable vacation can create a very positive image of your company in your customer’s eyes. It implements a sense of trust and generates loyalty that they’ll want to tell their friends about.

This special prize also has universal appeal. After all, who doesn’t love to go on vacation? Vacations offer a break from life’s stresses. Your customers will be able to relax and create memories with their loved ones that they’ll have for years to come. A travel incentive also has more long-term value than say a gift card, gift with purchase, etc., because of those memories.

Also, a travel incentive provides you with a great marketing strategy as you can offer it as a special prize during a contest or special promotion, or even just as a way to bring customers in. DirectBuy in Edison chose to offer this special prize as a way to get more memberships. All customers had to do was sign up for a membership and they got the Carnival Cruise line vacation planned by the Odenza Marketing Group…simple.

What’s even better is that the Odenza Marketing Group did such a great job in planning this special promotion that all of Edison’s customers had nothing but positive things to say about their vacation. Without the Odenza Marketing Group, DirectBuy of Edison and D’Auito wouldn’t have been able to offer this special prize to their customers.

It’s important to realize that if the trip isn’t planned out correctly and mistakes are made, it defeats the purpose of the marketing strategy. In fact, the negative experience might shine a negative light on your company more-so than if you never offered the vacation in the first place.

The Odenza Marketing Group and How They Can Help Your Business

With that being said, it’s smart to outsource with a company like the Odenza Marketing Group. D’Auito did this for his DirectBuy branch and it worked out very well for him. Planning a special promotion like this one is no part-time task as it’s very time-consuming and things like currency conversion, local laws, local customs, possible language barriers, etc., need to be considered. Also, companies that specialize in travel incentives, like the Odenza Marketing Group, will know how to get their hands on the best deals at hotels and on flights, and of course, on cruises. As mentioned earlier, if mistakes are made when planning this special prize it can really hurt your company, so it really is a good idea to outsource.

When you hire the Odenza Marketing Group, you’ll be working closely with their award-winning sales and marketing teams that offer exclusivity in your area so that you have an advantage over your competitors. They also offer a free consultation with free marketing and support materials so advertising this special promotion off is a breeze. Additionally, according to a study conducted by Concordia University, Odenza is the leading travel incentives company in the market. Also, their certified and very experienced travel agents know exactly what needs to be done so that your customers have a fun, safe, and well-planned vacation. Best of all, the price you pay for this special promotion is very reasonable and according to Pete D’Auito, “The trips are a good investment. It was a great choice.”

This marketing strategy provides you with something to offer your customers that will help close more sales. Don’t forget, you have to spend money to make money and outsourcing with the Odenza Marketing Group is a great investment.

Expanding on How this Marketing Strategy Helped DirectBuy of Edison, New Jersey

Still not convinced? Pete D’Auito, the marketing manager at DirectBuy Edison was very pleased with the service the Odenza Marketing Group provided. He gave Odenza a 10/10 satisfaction rating stating that “I’ve had customers tell me they had more fun on Carnival than on the most expensive cruise liners out there. The trips are a good investment. It was a great choice.” He also really saw the difference in the store’s sales numbers as the special prize really helped them gain many new memberships.

D’Auito wanted something of value to offer his customers when they were on the fence about signing up for a DirectBuy membership. This special offer alleviated some of the membership costs as it gave customers something else for their money besides the discounts. It was that little extra something that D’Auito was looking for to help DirectBuy of Edison, New Jersey. Working with the Odenza Marketing Group to plan this special promotion really paid off for him and DirectBuy as it was an effective marketing strategy.


Home Remodeling Company Promotion

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Home Remodeling: One of Life’s Stresses

One of the busiest and possibly most stressful undertakings in life is home remodeling. Sure, you can consult friends, family members, and magazines for guidance, but mistakes can still be made. This includes buying the first thing you see, making mistakes when it comes to scale, painting the room before buying fabrics and textiles, etc., and it’s very frustrating when you put that much time and effort into something and it doesn’t pay off. Luckily, you can hire professionals like Fasada Home Remodeling Co., which can provide you with some insight.

Fasada Home Remodeling Co.,

Fasada Home Remodeling was founded by Ivica Jukica in 1999. The company’s name translates from Croatian into English as “facade,” which is what the company is all about; focusing on improving the façade of any home. This includes, but isn’t limited to, their customer’s windows, doors, shutters, and blinds, as well as garage doors, stone wall coverings, and staging services at competitive prices. Just ask some of their customers:
– “I had Fasada come in and they were helpful, professional and great at helping. They’re also local, which was a major benefit. Their technician was professional and great at helping. I never had done window repairs before, so I relied heavily on his opinion, and I was confident he wasn’t just giving me the most expensive windows. He was very honest about price points.”

– “When they came in to install the windows, they were clean and efficient in and out. They finished neatly and moved right on to the next project. It was a very great experience. I’m in real estate, so I will definitely be recommending them to others.”

Everyone Needs Help at Times

Fasada Home Remodeling is good at what they do, however, sometimes they need help, as every successful business does from time-to-time. This gives a company a leg up over their competitors, which is exactly what Ivica Jukica wanted to do. “We wanted to stand out from other businesses in our industry. We also wanted customers to recognize the name Fasada when thinking of doing home renovations.” In order to do this, he hired the Odenza Marketing Group to plan a complimentary vacation (or travel incentive) for Fasada’s customers that met a qualifying price of $4,000.

The Complimentary Vacation

Ivica ran radio advertisements and posted all the information customers needed to qualify for this special prize on the Fasada Home Remodeling website. This included images of the possible destinations as well as special discounts. Overall, the special prize was a big hit for Fasada Home Remodeling, as this complimentary vacation allowed customers to de-stress from the strain that comes with home remodeling. The successful implementation of this special prize was all because of the efficiency of the Odenza Marketing Group.

The Odenza Marketing

Ivica gave the Odenza Marketing Group a 9/10 satisfaction rating, stating that, “Your products and promotional materials were very effective. The price was very reasonable and worked within our budget, we’ve had to keep ordering more because so many customers are excited and want the trip! It’s helped us close a lot of deals, I’m very happy with it, and we’ll continue to use these to promote different products around the store!”

Truthfully, travel incentives are the best special prize you can offer any customer. This complimentary vacation is perfect for finalizing any sale because studies show that customers (and a company’s employees) prefer travel incentives to any other kind of sales incentive. This is because these complimentary vacations allow customers to create memories with their loved ones that they’ll have for a lifetime, as opposed to cash or a gift card that will be quickly spent and forgotten about.

However, planning this kind of offer isn’t an easy one, which is why companies like the Odenza Marketing Group exist. Odenza is also the best travel incentives company in the market, according to a study conducted by Concordia University. They’re a three-time award-winning travel incentives company and, among other perks, you’ll work with experienced travel agents and a sales team that offers complimentary promotional materials and a free consultation before you make your decision. So, you can rest assured that these vacations will be planned correctly, quickly, and efficiently. Just ask Ivica Jukica. He was more than satisfied with the vacations that the Odenza Marketing Group planned for Fasada Home Remodeling, and you will be too.


When your company is hired by a customer to work on/aid them with a project, like home remodeling, you’re providing them with a service that they’ll be grateful for. Take this a step further and reward them for choosing your company over your competitors by rewarding them with a travel incentive. The Odenza Marketing group, in turn, can help you successfully implement this offer into your business.

Fasada Home Remodeling helped their customers and the Odenza Marketing Group helped Fasada Home Remodeling. It’s just one business helping another business out. The Odenza Marketing Group did a great job in planning and executing the travel incentive, Fasada’s employees enjoyed offering it, and customers had an amazing time while on their complimentary vacation. It’s a win-win for everyone and it did wonders for Fasada. So, what are you waiting for? Contact Odenza or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.


How to Boost Holiday Sales

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How to Boost Holiday Sales

For many families, Black Friday shopping has become a holiday tradition. The day after Thanksgiving remains a big sales day for retailers, but is the hype starting to fade? The rise in popularity of “Small Business Saturday” and “Cyber Monday” has led to a dip in Black Friday participation. In fact, sales dropped 10 percent this year alone.

However, there’s hope. December is typically the period in which shoppers seek out the best deals on shopping. The challenge many retailers face is how they will differentiate their promotions from their competitors. Odenza is not only helping retailers this year to ensure their end of year sales are strong, but also providing them with incentive solutions for their new year promotions to ensure 2016 starts off with a bang.

So what are the next steps to attract more customers to your store?

how-to-boost-holiday-salesHere are some easy-to-implement ideas for promoting your business this winter:

1. Run a GET OUT OF THE COLD SALE – themed for winter. Offer your customers a Caribbean Cruise for 2 or a 7 Night Resort Getaway at a tropical location.

2. Run a SHARE THE WARMTH PROMOTION – our travel incentives are all good for 2 people. Your customer can share a wonderful vacation experience with a loved one, just by doing business with you.

3. Give your employees what I’d call WINTER THANK YOU REWARDS. Our Sports and Entertainment tickets give access to thousands of events online. NFL, NBA, NHL, Cirque du Soleil, and more. The goal here is to get your team engaging with shoppers and rewarding shoppers who respond by buying more.

Click here to see more sales-boosting ideas.

Christmas is just around the corner you still have an opportunity to get ahead of your competition and grab market share.

ShopperTrak just released its annual list of the days it anticipates will see the most shoppers in stores this holiday season, as well as the days that will see the least.

Here are the Top 10 Heaviest Traffic Days:

  1.   Friday, Nov. 25 (Black Friday)
  2.   Monday, Dec. 26
  3.   Friday, Dec. 23
  4.   Saturday, Dec. 17 (Super Saturday)
  5.   Saturday, Dec. 10
  6.   Saturday, Nov. 26
  7.   Thursday, Dec. 22
  8.   Saturday, Dec. 3
  9.   Sunday, Dec. 18
  10.   Wednesday, Dec. 21

One day conspicuously absent from this list is Christmas Eve, which this year is technically “Super Saturday,” as it is the last Saturday before Christmas this year.

ShopperTrak said that Super Saturday traditionally is busier the closer that it comes to Christmas Day, unless it also happens to be Christmas Eve, which is the case this year.

Because of that, the company said it is not expecting Dec. 24 to be a particularly busy shopping day, though this might not be the case for retailers selling big ticket items, many of whom usually are busy up until closing time on Christmas Eve.

This shift elevates the importance of Dec. 26 (No. 2 on the list) and Dec. 23 (No. 3 on the list), both of which are usually busier when they fall on or extend a weekend. That is the case this year, as the day before Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas fall on a Friday and a Monday, respectively, book-ending the weekend.

ShopperTrak also shared the five days in November and December that it expects to be the slowest in terms of in-store foot traffic.

  1.   Tuesday, Nov. 29
  2.   Wednesday, Nov. 30
  3.   Monday, Nov. 28 (Cyber Monday)
  4.   Tuesday, Dec. 6
  5.   Monday, Dec. 5

Important Tips for Retailers:

    • Understand annual activity patterns.  Since the busiest days create the greatest opportunities to make sales, be sure to optimize your staffing and inventory, with special emphasis on top traffic dates.
    • Reconsider Thanksgiving Day.  ShopperTrak research shows that opening on this holiday only impacts the distribution of traffic, not the overall volume of traffic. It also negatively impacts staff morale, which is why a number of big retailers are remaining closed on Thanksgiving this year.
    • Don’t overreact to perceived trends. There’s usually a reason for daily ebbs and flows in the amount of traffic in the store, like the weather or car traffic. Outline a well-reasoned game plan ahead of the holiday season and stick with it.

McCain Foods Promotion with Odenza

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McCain Foods Promotion

Running your own business is can be challenging, and a great way to ease some of the stress is to outsource or hire a company to lend you a hand. It’s important to find a company that believes in good service and genuinely cares about helping you and your business. Odenza is one of these companies.

Odenza is a travel incentive and marketing institution that is passionate about helping other businesses. More good news is that a travel incentive not only helps companies reach their sales’ goals, but exceed them. This was what happened when Odenza worked with Boom! Marketing and Communications to assist McCain Foods USA with promoting their new product.

McCain Poppers and Boom! Marketing and Communications

Not too long ago, Odenza partnered with Boom! Marketing and Communications to help McCain Foods USA, a food service company in Canada, in promoting their McCain Poppers. McCain Foods USA was faced with the challenge of conducting a promotion to reinvigorate the brand and introduce their new ethnic appetizers to restaurants and diners.

The Business Plan: The First McCain Foods Promotion

The first McCain Foods promotion was a B2B sweepstake called Poppers Poker Promotion that targeted restaurant operators and the public. Everyone who bought a certain number of these appetizers was automatically entered into the special contest. The prize, provided by Odenza, was a complimentary 3-day/2-night stay at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas (this trip included airfare).

The Second McCain Foods Promotion

The second McCain Foods promotion was aimed at restaurateurs and their diners and was called the Latin Latitudes Promotion. The goal was to convince these business men and women to get rid of the same old boring wings and appetizers usually served at their establishments and invest in McCain’s new ethnic appetizers. If the operators purchased a certain amount these Latin Latitudes appetizers during this McCain Foods promotion, they were automatically entered into a draw. The grand prize, provided by Odenza, was a complimentary 4 day/3 night, five-star, luxury retreat for two in Jamaica (this trip included airfare).

The Result

McCain Foods USA was pleased with the results they received from the two McCain Foods promotions and strongly believes that Odenza was a large part of this success. They stated that these complimentary promotions, “did what it was meant to do…it stimulated interest in the products.”

Your Company

Do you want the same results that the McCain Foods promotion had? You can if you offer a travel incentive to your customers/clients. Planning a travel promotion can be challenging, but that’s where Odenza comes into play. With an in-house travel agency staffed by 20 certified travel agents, they can ensure your customer will have an amazing time on their vacation, and come back happy, rested, and telling their friends and family about it.

Odenza is the number one travel incentives company out there, according to a study conducted by Concordia University.

If you offer your customers/clients a travel incentive, you’ll really see the financial benefits. This is because people prefer travel incentives to other prizes. Travel opportunities don’t come around that often because of time and money, but if you give your customers a complimentary trip just for investing in your product, they’ll no doubt remember it for years to come, as will you of the great success and enthusiasm from staff and customers.


Winery’s Free Companion Cruise Program with Odenza

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Odenza was able to partner up with a local winery and help them market a new product, increasing sales and product awareness overall.Offering Travel Incentives

A company that’s been around for decades understands how important advertising, marketing, and finding fresh new ways to stand out from the competition is. It’s not enough to have a great product, you have to know how to effectively market it as well.

One great promotional idea is to offer your customers a complimentary travel incentive. Travel incentives work wonderfully as grand prizes in contests and draws. They increase profit by creating excitement and giving your customers that little extra push they need to buy your product. After all, everyone loves to go on vacation, and what could be better than a complimentary one?

However, planning a travel incentive can be very challenging as after the prize is given, you want to make sure that the customer’s experience in planning the trip is easy and stress-free. Think how much planning you have to do for your own vacations. Can you imagine doing that for each one of your customers? Fortunately, there are outsourcing options, like Odenza.

Implementing the Winery Promotion with Odenza

The winery client was so impressed with Odenza’s dedication in planning their promotion that they gave them a perfect, 10/10, satisfaction score.

The purpose of the winery promotion, known as the “Free Companion Cruise Program,” was to generate excitement for the winery’s new 1L product. This was accomplished by featuring complimentary travel certificates on each one of the bottles during the winery promotion, so customers received a cruise certificate when they purchased that particular bottle of wine. The promotion was offered all throughout Western Canada and the results of the winery promotion exceeded the company’s expectations.

Not only did wine bottles fly off the shelves during the winery promotion, but the winery marketing strategy also contributed to the increase of profits for their fiscal year. Between 2006 and 2007, the company awarded 30 in-store prizes to its employees and gave away 24,000 packages to its customers.

So, not only did the winery promotion increase sales with the company’s customers, but it also motivated employees to sell the product. Another great way is to award the employee that generated the highest sales during the winery promotion with the incentive. This way, they’re motivated to win and push the winery promotion. The company owes much of their success to Odenza.

Why Odenza?

If you’re not yet convinced that Odenza is the company to invest in, consider this; our sales department has received the Carnival Cruise Lines’ Pinnacle Club Award three times and our marketing department has received the prestigious Gallery of Superb Printing Award, also three times. Also, according to a recent study conducted by Concordia University, we’re the best travel incentives company around.

Odenza helped their winery client generate revenue, so why not see how they can help your business? You don’t have to be a big company like to hire Odenza. Odenza’s marketing team has many travel certificate options to choose from, so you can pick the right one for you and your customers. We also give you free marketing materials for your promotion and offer support with the promoting of the special event. Additionally, we offer copyrighting services so you have complete ownership of the work completed.

Finally, we employ experienced, in-house travel agents to ensure your customers have an easy trip-planning experience and a wonderful vacation.

So why not choose Odenza to help you out? Planning a travel incentive promotion with Odenza is easy, and it offers your customers that little extra push they need to invest. Their client can attest to this because of their special winery promotion. Outsourcing takes a lot of the stress off your hands, allowing you to focus on what’s important; your business and its profit.