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Mortgage Applications Spike at Credit Union Over 7-Week Period

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The Importance of Advertising

Advertising is the beating heart of any successful business, but an effective marketing strategy is important. Just advertising isn’t enough. An ad needs to feature something that’s eye-catching and sets up you apart from the competition. Additionally, your advertisement should repeatedly pop up on whatever medium you’re using; whether it’s on TV , the radio, newspapers , or a poster, advertisements need to be seen and heard regularly.

One great marketing strategy that will help you do all of this is to reward your customers with a travel incentive. This will create awareness for your brand as it will not only motivate people to walk into your store, but it will motivate them to invest in your product. Also, special promotions, like offering a travel incentive, are ongoing, so your ad is sure to be noticed. Finally, and most importantly, it will make your new, and loyal customers, very happy because who doesn’t love a complimentary vacation?

Offering a travel incentive is an effective marketing strategy! Just ask Jennifer Lynch, the Marketing Director at Century Federal Credit Union in Cleveland, Ohio. The advertising assistance her branch received from Odenza’s marketing team for their credit union promotion really helped bring in business.

Advertising with Odenza’s Marketing Team

Jennifer Lynch is the Marketing Director of the Cleveland, Ohio Century Federal Credit Union (CFCU) branch. With such an important job, it can be difficult to find an effective marketing strategy. Lynch wanted to run a summer promotion that would increase the mortgage and line of credit applications across all their 7 branches. Talk about a lot of work.

However, Lynch did some digging and came across Odenza’s Marketing Group. The outsourcing really helped to relieve some of the stress as Odenza’s marketing team worked hard to come up with an effective credit union promotion.

When it was all said and done, the credit union promotion featured two trips; one to Las Vegas and one to Orlando, Florida. Both were advertised on television, social media, and statement insert ads. The credit union promotion was also advertised on CFCU’s website homepage and their online banking pages. The Vegas trip ads said, “What Happens at Century Federal Gets You a Trip to Vegas! Apply for a Qualifying Mortgage Product to Receive Your 3 Day/2 Night Vacation Package,” and the Orlando ads said, “How Would You Like a Vacation to the Happiest Place on Earth?”

Odenza consistently advertised the credit union promotion off, created eye-catching ads, and set CFCU apart from their competitors. All of this lead to a successful credit union promotion and generated serious profit for CFCU.

The Results and Certificates

In just the 7 weeks, CFCU saw a 53% increase in mortgage applications as well as over $2 million in loans booked. Lynch stated that the advertisements that Odenza’s marketing team created were perfect because they generated a lot of curiosity among their customers about this credit union promotion.

Lynch also stated that this credit union promotion was a unique marketing strategy and different from anything they’d offered in the past. The staff really enjoyed promoting it and talking about it. It was also easy to promote because the travel certificates, provided by Odenza’s marketing team, had all the information about the credit union promotion featured on it. All the employees had to do was bring it up and hand the certificates over to the customers. This is a very effective marketing strategy because people make mistakes. If all the information your customers need is on those certificates, there’s less room for error. All CFCU’s employees had to do was tell the customers about the promotion and hand them the certificate that Odenza’s marketing team designed. The certificates for the credit union promotion even informed customers about how they’d get their vacation packages. The company’s main office sent them out to make sure that everything was done in a timely manner.

Overall, CFCU gave Odenza’s marketing team a 9/10 satisfactory rating, as they were very impressed with all their hard work and dedication.

What Odenza Can Do For Your Business

Want the same success CFCU had? Offering a travel incentive is a lot easier than you’d think it would be and it’s a great marketing strategy. Yes, it’s very time-consuming, but if you outsource with Odenza, this will eliminate some of the stress. It’s something your company will benefit from financially and that your customers will enjoy.

Odenza is the number one travel incentives company in the market (according to a study conducted by Concordia University) and this is evidenced through their development of the credit union promotion. Odenza’s marketing team has also been awarded three times by the International Association of Printing House Craftsmen, which is an independent network of graphic artists and printing professionals.

If you hire Odenza to work for your business, you’ll see how great our company is and how a travel incentive is an effective marketing strategy. Don’t pass up a great opportunity to see your business flourish.

Contact Odenza by calling 1-866-883-2968 for a free sample package and consultation. Alternatively, you can fill out the form located at the bottom of this page.


Credit Union Books Over $4 million In Loans With Cruise Promotion

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One of the best promotional ideas for your brand and best ways to generate profit for your business is a travel incentive. These incentives can be offered through promotions or special events and can really help to generate excitement among your customers.

The problem is that organizing a travel incentive is no part-time gig as it takes a lot of time and planning to execute. Fortunately, however, there are companies like Odenza who can cut some of the stress out and make your life a bit easier when it comes to planning the special promotion.

Why Odenza? As is exemplified by a company called the Amoco Credit Union, Odenza is the best travel incentives company out there.

Amoco’s Experience

Amoco is a federal credit union in Galveston County, Texas, with two offices in Houston and one in Friendswood. They offer excellent customer service, proven by their awards from readers of the Galveston Daily News (Best Credit Union and Best Mortgage Company) and some of their partners. These companies include Ulta Beauty, The Goddard School, Mary Kay, and LA Fitness, just to name a few.

This successful company wanted to come up with a great credit union marketing idea for the summer/spring seasons. Luckily, Odenza was there to help by offering up cruise vacation packages.

Tina Foster, Amoco’s VP of Culture and Communications, conducted a lot of research and asked Odenza a lot of questions in the beginning, which she believes is very important. This allowed her to learn all she could about Odenza and what she did find impressed her. The company’s experience, as a whole, with Odenza was a great one as they really helped to make their credit union promotion a success. For example, they really appreciated Odenza’s policy to take back any unused travel certificates. Odenza also had very timely responses to emails sent out; they even responded after business hours! Every concern was addressed as the Odenza marketing team provided quick and timely responses.

The Response

The credit union promotion idea was to offer a complimentary cruise to everyone who received a loan from Amoco. There were many phone calls from a lot of interested people, even when the credit union promotion was almost over. As a credit union marketing strategy, Amoco extended the offer to these people who were taking care of their loan close to the end of the campaign, which made them very happy.

The credit union promotion generated a lot of great results, a lot of happy customers, and a company that received a lot of mileage from it. The company was able to book over $4 million in loans in just three months by using Odenza’s Galveston Cruise incentive.

Amoco was very happy with the service they received from Odenza. In fact, when Tina was asked about her experience, she said that even though there’s a lot of travel incentive companies out there, none of them are quite like Odenza. After doing her homework, she learned that Odenza had the most legitimate package out of all the travel incentive companies she came across. She also stated that, at the end of the day, your customer’s experience comes back to you, so it’s important to find a company that will work well with you and provide great service to you and your loyal customers. She found this in Odenza, as she found their execution of the credit union marketing idea to be perfect.

How Odenza Will Work for You

Like Amoco, Odenza has also received awards; Odenza’s marketing group received three prestigious awards from the Gallery of Superb Printing Awards, three-time recipient of Carnival Cruise Line’s Pinnacle Club for sales excellence, and voted the number one choice for business travel incentives (a study conducted by Concordia University).

The awards say it all; Odenza is the choice to go with.

Why not hire a great company to take care of most of the hassle for you? Amoco credit union did it for their credit union promotion and benefited from the results. Odenza has trained travel agents and, as mentioned previously, an award-winning customer service and marketing team. They’ll help to make your promotional idea pain-free and fun! You’ll really see the financial benefits when you work with Odenza, the numbers don’t lie.