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6 Stellar Experiential Giveaway Ideas

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When it comes to giving away a gift to your customers, your mind may immediately turn to the likes of gift vouchers, a money prize, a car, and so on.

While gifts such as these can be appreciated, they are ultimately things – and what many people actually prize the most in life are great experiences.

That’s why, in today’s article, I’ll be detailing six fantastic giveaway ideas that all have to do with offering customers experiences that they will appreciate and remember for years to come.

1. Cruise

In terms of experiences, many people never think to go on a cruise as a way of vacationing the world in a different way. But along with the fact that a cruise ship is essentially a massive sea-bound resort, cruises also encourage a unique way of seeing and experiencing different countries.

Whether the ship docks for a day or two, there are plenty of opportunities for all of those aboard to disembark and come back with special memories.

It doesn’t hurt that much of the food and drink on cruises are all-inclusive, too.

2. Vegas

No matter who ask, almost anyone who has been to Vegas will tell you it’s an experience. In many ways a playground for grown-ups, Vegas has evolved in many ways to also be a fun destination for families.

Whether someone wants to unwind with drinks, see how good their poker face is, visit M&M’s World with the kids or take a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon and enjoy the stunning views, Las Vegas is the perfect jumping off point. And that’s without mentioning the wide range of fantastic restaurants and live shows on offer day after day.

3. Theme park

While not everyone may be interested in experiencing some of the craziest roller coasters out there, theme parks are so much more than just a place to test your adrenaline mettle. Whether you send a customer off to Disneyland or a local amusement park, there’s often plenty to see and do.


For a local theme park, it could be as simple as tickets for a one-day pass; but if you’re looking to up the ante and send them to a theme park in another state, try to opt for one that is also a resort. That way, if anyone ends up feeling a little theme parked-out, they can always relax by the resort pool with a refreshing cocktail.

4. Resorts

Speaking of resorts, sometimes what the body and mind needs is a few days of pure relaxation and disconnection from the usual day-to-day rat race – and this is what resorts are renowned for offering.

Resorts are also a great giveaway option because they provide customers with choice. They can go to the resort and stay there the whole time if they just need pure rest; or they can enjoy the resort while also heading out on daytrips to check out the surrounding areas.

It‘s a win-win.

5. A Local Escape

As wonderful as a luxury cruise or a flight to Vegas can be, for some the best vacation is a staycation.

Staycations are the perfect time to offer a local escape experience. Your customers don’t have to pack up suitcases or organize for someone to grab their mail and check up on their pets; but they can still experience the joys of unwinding and even experiencing new things in their very own backyard.

A local escape could be something as simple as a 5-day stay at a nearby hotel or providing your customers with the funds necessary to take a little break – and tickets to a few local attractions to boot.

6. Sports/events

Another great local solution is to give customers tickets to an event in their town or nearest city – think sports, concerts, etc. Or, if you’d rather provide the customer with greater choice, you can give them a product such as Odenza’s VIP Ticket Pro, which allows them to choose from thousands of events online and purchase two tickets to the one of their liking.

This variety of choice also means they can opt to attend an event in any major city across the country. For example, they could be going on vacation in another state in the near-future, and happen to realize an artist they like is doing a concert in the city they will be visiting.

Get in touch

What kind of experiential gifts have you given to customers in the past, if any? Be sure to share your experiences in the comments below.

If you want to learn more about experiential gifts such as travel incentives and how they can help you grow your business, you can reach out to us by calling 1-866-883-2968 or by simply filling out the form at the bottom of this page.


Boosting Facebook Posts: The Fundamentals for Success

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There is a tough reality when it comes to Facebook: in spite of its 2 billion+ user base, it can be hard for businesses to stand out on the platform. No matter how big your audience is (100 fans or 100,000 fans), a lot of your organic posts are probably reaching somewhere between 2 to 10% of them. Not that many, right?

So what on earth can you do to increase your social media engagement on the platform and, as a result, get more people invested in your business and the products or services you offer? While it may not always be the most desired answer, it often comes down to paying via ads or boosted posts.

In this blog, I’ll be focusing on boosting Facebook posts, and will cover the following:

• Why you have to pay on social media;

• How much boosting a post costs;

• How to boost a Facebook post; and

• Examples of success

“Why Do I Have to Pay?”

No one wants to have to pay to reach their target audience on social media – it’s a pretty common opinion. But keep this in mind: Facebook isn’t the only social network that chooses what it does and doesn’t show in users’ main feeds.

A similar algorithm that determines a post’s visibility is used by LinkedIn, Instagram, and even Twitter nowadays. If your business is on social media, you are bound to their algorithms, whether you like it or not.

Social networks are like free-to-air TV. They’re free to use and enjoy for the average person, but they are funded by companies advertising on them. Facebook is not alone in wanting your company to invest money in them to achieve greater reach and increase your profits made through the social network.


One of the best things about boosting a Facebook post is how cheap it can be. You could spend no more than $25 to boost a post for a week, and that could result in thousands of people being reached and social engagement that numbers in the hundreds.

Just take a look at the numbers we hit for a boosted post before we had even used up half the budget. Over 5,000 people were reached, and we had almost 500 social engagements on the post.


Boosting Facebook Posts

When it comes to paying on Facebook, one of the most affordable options is boosting a post. A boosted post is when you take any everyday post you made on your business’s Facebook page and put some money behind it so it reaches more people. There are no specific objectives to a boosted post beyond the fact that it will reach more Facebook users.

That said, you can still be strategic and opt to boost posts that could foster specific results: contest entries, visits to your site, promoting sales events, encouraging people to Like your page, etc.

You can boost the post at the time of creating it, or come back to it later down the line and boost it retroactively.


Once you have chosen to boost your post, you’re presented with a few key options to define your audience. Your main options include boosting your post among your current fans, fans and their Facebook friends, and a custom audience (so you choose exactly who you want to reach). If you choose to create a custom audience, you will be presented with the following:


Options include selecting gender; age range; the location/s of your ideal audience; and additional detailed targeting such as job title, interests, their behavior on Facebook, etc.

With this information on hand, Facebook will give an estimate of how many users you could potentially reach. When you choose how much you’re open to paying in total, that audience estimate will adjust accordingly. As you’d expect, the less you spend, the less people you’ll reach.

Along with the price, you will also select how long you want the boosted post to run for. There are default options of 1, 7, and 14 days, or you can choose a custom end date. Your total budget will then be taken and distributed across those number of days (e.g. $40 over 7 days equates to $5.71 per day). Facebook has further information in their help center here.

An Example of Success


Above are the results of a boosted post we ran on our Odenza Sports Vacations page. With an investment of $40, the post reached 10,499 people and garnered 313 acts of social engagement, which included 79 clicks through to our offer page.

But what about the kind of results that most businesses are going to want the most? Do boosted posts actually lead to a profit?

The Financial Success of Boosting Facebook Posts

For Odenza’s B2C side (in this case, the Odenza Sports Vacations Facebook page), boosting posts have led to phenomenal results. To give you an indication of just how effective boosting your Facebook posts can be for overall ROI, here are some key results:

• Over the course of one month, we spent $120 on 4 boosted posts through our Odenza Sports Vacations page
• We generated 226 leads, and 16 of these leads became closed bookings
• Our cost per lead was only 53 cents

But how much money did we actually make? Well, on average each booking amounted to around $109. Within two bookings, we had already made our money back. In total, our revenue was $1,747 – that’s a whopping 1355.83% return on investment.

Now we’re not making any promises that you’re going to hit the same kind of ROI, because the success of boosting Facebook posts does depend on a wide range of factors. It goes without saying that if you want to make money off your boosted posts, you’ll want to ensure you’re boosting a post that is about an appealing limited time offer or something like a contest.

Another point worth remembering is that, in general, Facebook is a platform better suited to B2C. Most people don’t jump on Facebook to talk business, but if you’re boosting a post that is offering your average customer something really enticing and exciting, then you’ll have a far greater chance of success. Keep in mind that younger Facebook users tend to be more receptive to contests and/or promotions than older users.

Also ensure that whatever posts you boost have good design – an eye-catching image or video, for example. You’ll want this solid design to be accompanied by copy that breaks down your offer or special in a succinct, understandable manner, and comes with a link to exactly where the customer can redeem the offer.

There is power in boosting Facebook posts when approached correctly. Whether you handle this on your own or have an agency handle it for you, it’s an avenue of social media advertising that is certainly worth pursuing.

If you are looking for easy-to-use and effective prizes for a campaign on Facebook, consider the following:

• Tickets to an event
• Giveaway or cruise promotion
• A trip to Las Vegas

You can see lots of other options here:; or you can fill out the below form to learn more about what we offer.


Travel & Jewelry: a Sales Match Made in Heaven for Wisconsin Jeweler

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Wisconsin Jeweler Makes $360,000 in Sales with Travel Incentives

Who buys jewelry? Well, most of us do, but how much we buy and how often can depend on various factors. As research shows, most jewelry that is bought (whether bought by a man or a woman) is for women. Some numbers indicate up to 95% of all jewelry purchases are for women.

But the frequency and price of purchases also depend on the financial standing of the individual. As you’d likely assume, people who are better off financially and have more disposable income tend to buy more jewelry per annum.

For many jewelry stores, however, the November/December (or festive) period is when they used to make more sales. While this is still true to a degree, numbers have shown that jewelry sales are now more spread out throughout the year, and the sales boost in November and December tends to be less pronounced nowadays.

So, as a jewelry store, how do you boost your sales if you find your usual peak season is lacking? That’s what will be the focus of today’s blog, and I’ll be doing so by looking at a client of ours from Wisconsin.

A Local Wisconsin Jeweler’s Success Story

Located in southern Wisconsin, our client opened in 1992 and has stood as a much-loved jewelry store within the region. But just like any business, their General Manager, Jon, wanted to find a way to incentivize customers to invest in higher-ticket items.

To achieve this, the company decided to invest in our Vegas package, which offers qualifying customers a trip for two to Vegas. Jon was happy to try the package out, noting, “It was low risk to try it out, [and] our account executive made it clear that we would get free marketing support and the product was satisfaction guaranteed.”


How you implement any incentive package, and how it is promoted, is critical. After all, you want people to be excited about the incentive; and you want them to understand the inherent value of the incentive when it comes to making a qualifying purchase. For the client, customers would qualify for the Vegas certificate if they purchased products amounting to $1,800 or more.

In terms of promotion, the main approach they took was through radio advertising. But these advertising efforts were also complemented by in-store marketing collateral and having all staff well-versed on the requirements for customers to qualify, and the terms and conditions of the travel certificates themselves.

By executing the promotion in such a cohesive manner, they ensured they had the best chances of success; and ultimately they were very successful in the end…


Originally, the promotion ran for two straight months, and the client gave away 100 Vegas trips. Given how well those two months performed, they decided to extend the promotion by a further month and gave away another 100 trips. So, in total, they gave away 200 trips, with each trip only being given to those customers who spent at least $1,800 – a total sell value of at least $360,000.

The Takeaway

When you take a look at the overall performance of the client’s Vegas promotion, it’s hard to deny that the results were positive. By giving away 200 trips in 3 months, they managed to secure higher value purchases from customers, and the Vegas certificates even incentivized customers to pay more just so they could go on the trip, too.

But this wasn’t just a case of having a great incentive, it also came down to the effort the client put into every facet of the promotion’s execution. They ran ads that grabbed people’s attention, they had signage in their store that constantly reminded customers about the promotion, and the staff were well-trained so that they knew everything about the Vegas certificates and what customers had to do in order to qualify.

In short, the entire promotion and its ultimate success came down to the fact that it was run like a well-oiled machine. If any part of the effort had not been addressed with the care that was shown, the results could have been very different.

If you’re concerned about potential sales slumps during any period that has been historically slow for you, then offering customers travel incentives could be the right solution for you. Just remember to keep in mind why our client was so successful. It’s not a case of, “If you build it, they will come.” Once it’s built, people need to know it exists, and you and your team need to be able to relay why it exists and why they should be so excited for its existence.

At Odenza, we’ve been in the travel incentives and marketing business for 20 years. Not only do we have a wealth of travel incentives solutions to help your business, but we also provide marketing collateral so that you have everything you could ever need to run a successful promotion.

Once you’ve utilized our incentives and increased your sales, our very own in-house travel agents will help your customers plan their getaway, which they’re going on thanks to you. To find out more about our products and how we can help you go above and beyond your competitors, fill out the form below or give us a call on 1-866-883-2968.


Building a Better Sales Comp Plan & Why it Matters

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This article originally appeared on LinkedIn.

I think that travel incentives are a fantastic product, but they are underutilized by many organizations. Thing is, if you can wrap your head around them, you’ll soon realize that you were totally missing out. The benefits of travel inside a sales comp plan is the one-two punch of travel’s ability to inspire and rejuvenate your people.

The inspirational value of giving someone a vacation, the value of time off, time to relax, time to be with family, and time to learn something and have social contact is more important than ever.

They Say: “Show Me the Money”


The most common reason I hear from managers as to why they don’t use a travel incentive, despite understanding the importance of motivating their team and keeping things fresh, is this: they think their team will prefer cash. Managers often make the fatal flaw of asking their team what they want.

“Announcements, meetings, vacations, gym memberships or golf trips can serve as effective motivators, as can training or educational opportunities, which are best when tied to specific, exemplary behavior on the job.” Forbes Coaches Council

Why You Shouldn’t Ask

So, what’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with asking your recipients what they would like before you spend thousands and thousands of dollars formulating a plan and then rewarding people with something they didn’t ask for?

The simple reason is that people don’t know what’s good for them.

As Steve Jobs famously said when asked why he doesn’t use consumer focus groups, he answered: “A lot of times people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”

People will always say cash as what they want. And of course, you have to pay them cash. But a component of your compensation plan must be travel or vacation rewards because YOU need something to keep things fresh, interesting and fun inside your sales organization.

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

The majority of people will react to what is an immediate gratification or the most immediate point of pain in their sphere. And, unfortunately for most of your sales people and most of your distribution channel, and most of your franchisees and partners, the most immediate pain point is their next Visa bill. Immediate gratification is going to be paying off part of the Visa bill, buying a TV, or some other widget.

As a leader in your organization, the problem for you is that the euphoria you created with that $1,000, $2,000, or $5,000 reward is going to be very short-lived. You will hand it out on Friday and it will be forgotten about by Tuesday – and your investment will have lasted a whopping four days!

Case Study: Thermo Pride

Thermo Pride revived their acquisition and retention program using Odenza’s incentive travel program – the incentives were promoted in newsletters, contractor publications, and throughout their sales offices across North America (you can click here to download it).

The ROI Factor

Remember ROI. The problem is that your ROI is too low on a cash incentive. As soon as that money is spent, it’s gone. There is no residual effect. For those of you into fitness, it’s like the difference between cardio and weights. When you lift weights you get a metabolic residual effect, and you continue to burn calories even after your workout is done; as opposed to cardio where you’re only going to burn calories while you’re actually in motion. The latter is simply inefficient for extended calorie burn.


Compare that to an experiential reward like a quick trip to Las Vegas, or a family trip to Six Flags, or even two tickets to a show or a football game. When you hand that prize out, the recipient immediately gets excited, then there’s the joy and pleasure while the trip is being booked, and then the excitement continues to build in anticipation of having some time off and maybe going somewhere they’ve never been before. After that, you get the memories and the water cooler talk of how great their getaway was.

All of this is without even talking about social media! Imagine the impact as they’re snapping pictures and communicating with coworkers and partners about the fabulous reward they won. And depending on what you give them, you may get years and years of positive return on that investment.

What Options Do I Have?

There are a variety of vacation offers and incentive travel trips you can utilize, which include:

Individual incentives:

This would be a prize for a sales leader and his/her spouse. Given away for meeting pre-set target levels, it’s easy to administer and easy to deliver – cruises, Vegas, a weekend getaway, Napa Valley, or a staycation.

Group incentive travel:

Think meetings or an overall trip for the sales team – even the entire company for meeting a preset profit target. Group meetings let people reconnect; and these days where teams can be spread out, it may be the only chance people get to meet, share ideas, and build comradery.



Giving a travel incentive as a reward means that you did something. It means you put some effort into thinking about your people’s well-being, and that’s important. We are all competing for talent and we may not be able to go to the extent that Google or Amazon can, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t be a little bit imaginative. Be creative and give your team something that doesn’t break the bank, but at the same time delivers a memorable experience – not to mention the fantastic ROI it can offer you.

To find out more, contact us online, fill out the below form, or call us on 1-866-883-2968.


Competing Against the Alternative: How to Finish First

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Do you remember when you had to be good at more than just one thing? You had to be good at your job but you also had to be able to change the oil in your car, switch over the winter tires, you had to be able to sew and cook; in other words, it was common to be able to do a number of things and that’s how we lived. I still remember that you couldn’t be a professional soccer player – you had to be a soccer player and do something else to make a living.

Nowadays you can make a living doing just one thing. What used to be exclusive to the realm of the artist or the professional is now available to all of us.


An interesting thing happens when everyone is so specialized. All the specialization leads to less competition. Well, less competition by meaning of a direct competitor; but what increases are the alternatives. So when you’re a business owner, or sales and marketing professional, you’re faced with not only competing against other businesses or people that do exactly what you do, but now you’re also competing against the alternative.

What are the customers’ alternatives?

As specialization continues to increase into the world of super-specialization, what you end up with are many more alternatives for your product – but the alternative of your product may not always be obvious. For example, is your new car competing against a home renovation company? Perhaps new home furniture is competing against the down payment on a new car in your prospective customer’s mind.


Often they will have to weigh options as to what they will invest in first: a car for the family, getting renovations to their home done, buying new furniture, going on a long-desired vacation, etc. So even if you narrow down your business’s area of specialization, you will still always be vulnerable to these entirely different alternatives. It’s an area of competition that many businesses tend to overlook – especially businesses that sell big ticket items.

The sales team

If you are in sales, you will be impacted by this in a bigger way than just about every other department in your organization. This is because speaking to the customer can’t be a rambling on about your own product. The questions you ask must be geared towards an overall understanding of the parties with whom you are talking.

This will be further complicated for those that are selling into any major decisions such as the purchase of furniture, home improvement services, or a vehicle. The complexity lies by the fact that these decisions are usually made by more than just one person in the family. You are often dealing with your customer and their spouse, and in some cases your customer and their entire family. Once again, it’s the sales department that will have to face this increased complexity right there on the frontline.


With this in mind, it’s critical for anyone in sales management to teach your people that they’re not just competing against the other specialized competitor; but to also be aware that they are likely competing against another alternative which may not be immediately obvious. This requires a greater emphasis on creating a comfortable rapport with not just the direct person you’re selling to, but the other people that may be “coming along” with them. More time should be taken to ask the customer more questions so that you have the full picture and, as a result, can address those concerns that are within your ability to influence.

Asking the right questions and offering the best answer

Let’s take a look at an example. Say you’re trying to sell a $40,000 car to a mom and dad with two kids who are also wanting to go on a vacation soon. Depending on the financing options they have available to them, the purchase of that $40,000 car may be feasible or they may decide that the better option is to hold off for anywhere between six months to a year so that they can go on a nice summer vacation first. Even if financing, there will still be a deposit.

That’s why it is so important for a salesperson to be able to ask the right questions, to get to know the buyer and family’s financial pain points, and to understand what matters to them on a fundamental level. When you put in the effort, you not only have more opportunities to decipher and address their key concerns, but you also build a rapport and reciprocal trust. It gives you a better chance of making the sale, and removes the proverbial elephant in the room.

For the marketing department, it’s critical to be aware of the most common alternatives to your product or service. Even though you may be in a very small niche as it is, you must still outline and understand the alternatives your customers might be inclined to purchase rather than your product. That way, just like the sales team, you can address these alternatives and find ways to refine your message so that people are more drawn to your products and/or services.

If this alternative did happen to be that a family, and prospective customer, were also hoping to go on a vacation in the next year, then you could cater to this alternative by including a travel certificate as a purchase reward. That way, they end up buying your product and can still go on that much-desired vacation – thanks to you.

The below image shows a couple who experienced exactly this. As the customer, Heather Vos, said: “Our vacation to Las Vegas was amazing! We received this vacation as a gift when purchasing our Nissan.”


Remember that, no matter the alternative, you need to think beyond your own business. People are constantly weighing their options against their finances to determine what they can afford next. Asking enough questions will help you to establish trust, and an understanding of their needs. Then you can position your pitch, your product and your marketing appropriately and get the sale!

Want to talk right now? Call us on 1-866-883-2968 or fill out the form below.


This is How Travel Incentives Boost Digital Marketing

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Travel Incentives Boost Digital Marketing

With digital marketing becoming wider spread and more powerful all the time, chances are your business may have be suffering from the same problem that many others are: having your marketing stand out against the competition. As with any aspect of marketing or advertising, remember that there are no magic tricks when it comes to succeeding. Digital marketing, whether it’s on Facebook or via an email, requires patience, trial and error, refinement, and constant effort.

In more ways than one, digital is the slow-burn approach to marketing. You will often have to spend hours at a time every day just crafting the content that will go out in your emails, social media, on your blog, and much more. However, the good news is there are ways for you to achieve temporary marketing boosts. These boosts have an immediacy to them that help complement the more slow-burn aspects of marketing and, for lack of a better phrase, pick up the slack in the meantime.

So without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Travel Incentives and Digital Marketing: Perfect Companions

No doubt if you’re on our site, chances are you have an interest in travel incentives or, at the very least, want to learn a bit more about them. In the digital space, travel incentives can be utilized in a wide range of ways, from being a contest prize to simply being the incentive you’re offering in-store for anyone who purchases a certain product or spends X amount of money.

I’ll be showing you a couple of examples in the next section, but it’s always worth accounting for why something like a travel incentive or travel offer can work so well in the digital space. On a fundamental level, it’s really like any other special, limited time offer. Think of Amazon’s Prime Day deals or the Cyber Monday sales that happen the Monday after Black Friday.

The platform doesn’t matter – people want deals, they want great things for less money, and they want things that can better their lives. While you could argue the retail stampedes of Black Friday aren’t exactly bettering our lives, it’s also part of the reason why digital sales and digital shopping has become appealing by comparison. No lines, less likelihood of a sudden inventory shortage. So when you capitalize on the power of digital over traditional brick-and-mortar, it can have tremendous results.

Part of this is due to Millennials. Remember that Millennials are the largest generation in the US, so a company’s success can now lean quite heavily on them. Even industries that were concerned about Millennials not being in a position to buy their products, such as the auto industry, trends and supporting statistics tell a very different story. So with such a large portion of the population falling within the Millennial bracket, you’re looking at a demographic that grew up with and has gone on to fully embrace platforms where digital almost always reigns supreme.

Integrating Incentives with Digital

There are plenty of ways in which you can integrate incentives with your digital marketing efforts (or just your digital presence in general). One such example is how Fasada Home Remodeling, Co. promoted their free trip offers on their website via a “special offers” page.

As owner Ivica Jukica said: “We had a ‘special offers’ page, with details of the offer and images of the possible destinations that the customer could go to with this promotional program.” It helped craft a picture for prospective customers on what they could expect from the experience. And while Fasada’s mean of converting these customers was still ultimately at their brick-and-mortar location, their drive to fully embrace the power of the digital space boosted the campaign even further.

Another example is Visdom Mortgage Solutions, who we helped create and build their Facebook page. In the initial stages of building their social presence online, we focused on a combined effort of organic and sponsored content.


On the sponsored front, Visdom utilized one of our Las Vegas travel incentives and we incorporated it into a focused and purpose-driven campaign of using that incentive to significantly build their page views, engagement, and overall follower numbers on Facebook.

Our efforts were executed over a period of 76 days and yielded Visdom phenomenal results, taking their page from 0 likes and views to 764 likes and thousands of views and engagement among Facebook users.

Measuring Digital Performance

What’s great about marketing on digital platforms is that almost everything you do is measurable. Whether you’re posting organic content or sponsored content, there are a host of metrics and analytics you can refer to. If you watched the above YouTube video about Visdom, you would’ve seen some real-world examples of the metrics you can have access to on Facebook.

These metrics give you an instant glimpse into how your efforts are working. Is that digital ad really hitting the numbers you wanted? What about sponsored post on LinkedIn or the most recent tweet you threw up on Twitter. The fact that most online metrics are also real time means you can identify your successes and shortcomings in the digital space and make alterations and refinements as needed.

This type of immediate insight and analysis is perfect when it comes to promoting travel incentives through digital channels. A value-added product such as an incentive will command plenty of attention, so being able to track how your promotional efforts for it perform online is invaluable.

If you want to learn more about how travel incentives can help your digital marketing efforts, be sure to get in contact with us online or fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Want to talk right now? Then give us a call us on 1-866-883-2968.


How Do You Get the Most Out of a Travel Incentive?

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Your Travel Incentive: How to Get the Best Results

This question, just like any other marketing-related question, is an important one to answer. Because no matter what it is your business sells or provides – be it a car dealership or a credit union – promoting any incentive or reward can be integral to both short- and long-term success.

Now, while we could cover an endless torrent of the dos and don’ts of travel incentives, getting the most of out of them often comes down to one key area: is your incentive being marketed everywhere? If that sounds like a broad, blanket statement, it is. And that’s because any good marketing effort is achieved through global exposure. I don’t mean literal global exposure, but rather exposing your offer to your key audience through as many marketing and ad channels as possible.

So whether it’s your ads; your showroom, office, retail locale; or each individual employee; everything and everyone needs to be in on the promotional side of things.

It doesn’t have to be on every channel – just every channel you use

You’ve got a great travel reward you want to advertise. For every car bought in your dealership or 4K TV sold in your store, customers will be given a travel certificate that allows them to go on a quick getaway to Las Vegas at a time of their choosing. It’s an alluring proposition, but you want to get it in front of as many eyes as possible.

Now, we understand that not every business is going to be able to afford TV ads or a promo of the offer up on a billboard, but this is not what dictates success. What dictates success is that this promo is front and center of every channel you do utilize. Only have a budget for social advertising? No problem, just make sure that you use these ads to tell people about the promotion.

If you want to go the radio or TV route, the same rules apply. You don’t have to be investing in myriad channels – you just have to ensure the ones you use are used correctly. But even if you’ve got all your ads sorted and pushing the same message, you then have to account for your place of business.

Embrace all promotional materials

When a business engages Odenza for a travel incentive package, we also provide them with a plethora of promotional materials to make use of: posters, balloons, tent cards, price tags, and much more. We provide these because we know how critical it is for your promotion to have a universal consistency.


If someone had seen one of your ads and then rushed into your store, only to find it lacks any mention of the promotion, they may understandably be a little confused. And while some may come up and ask about the promotion anyway, others may jump to conclusions – “Oh, I guess the promotion is over” – and leave. Those people are important to your success, and you could’ve just lost them due to a simple but critical oversight.

There’s no problem with making a big deal about a promotion, especially if it has to do with offering customers a vacation. When you have marketing material explicitly stating how customers can get a trip with a certain purchase, you’ll undoubtedly get people’s attention.

Get All Staff Involved

The final key piece of this puzzle is your staff. With the right ads and marketing, as well as promotional materials within your store, you have built a campaign that has hopefully garnered some solid attention. However, all of that attention and interest from prospective customers can be negatively affected if your staff members are not properly informed of the promotion and what it offers.

If you’re offering an incentive, travel or otherwise, then you should spend some time educating staff on what this incentive is and how long it is available for. Is the promotion based on a number of weeks/months or a number of specific sales (e.g. available to the first 100 applicable customers)? What exactly does this incentive get the customer? It could be a 2-day trip to Vegas, a 7-day cruise, VIP tickets to a sporting event, or an offer of the customer’s choosing – and so on.


You’d also need to train them on the terms and conditions, on what statements they can or cannot make (will your business be handling any associated fees for the trip or will the customer need to cover those?), and the guidance they should give customers that do qualify for one of these incentives – what to do next, who to call, how long the travel voucher or VIP ticket is valid for, etc.

It’s important that everyone in your company has a clear willingness to make the incentives work. The simple fact is they won’t have the same positive effect if they’re only treated as a half-measure. So get everyone involved and behind the effort. Staff who are motivated by the unique challenges and goals of making a promotion work can bring about fantastic results.

We’ve had many clients, past and present, who have gone that extra mile on their own – such as ensuring reception follow a unique promo-based script when answering calls – and they’ve experienced great success. This success is dependent on you and your staff, not on the customers having to go out of their way to learn more about it.

Achieve More with Travel Incentives

There is no doubt that travel incentives are an effective way of increasing sales and bringing in more customers. Odenza’s been in the incentive business for 20 years, and our clients have experienced an average sales increase of 21.8%, far exceeding the industry standard of 15%. It’s important to remember that a travel incentive cannot stand on its own; neither can any other type of incentive of sales promotion.

Your target market needs to know about what you’re offering them. They have to see or hear it in ads, be able to learn about it on your website or social accounts, see confirmations of its existence in-store, and have the ability to discuss it further with your staff. Each step is essential, as the more consistent its presence is, the deeper it becomes integrated into a customer’s thoughts.

Promotions are designed to excite and incentivize people. So make sure you offer the best promotion possible with a solid incentive and a consistent presence across the digital and physical landscapes. To learn more about travel incentives and how they can help your business, simply fill out the form below.


Jewelry Store Promotional Ideas to Attract More Customers

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Jewelry Store Increases Sales with Vegas Purchase Incentive

Jewelry Store Promotional Ideas

It’s no secret that if you own your own business, advertising is essential. Advertising creates awareness for both your business and your customers. Your company benefits from advertising because it helps get your company name out there; it’s a vital part of any marketing strategy. Customers will see your ads and this will stimulate some curiosity. Without advertising, traffic flow in any and every store would be stagnant.

Customers also benefit from advertisements, even though people always complain about how annoying they can be. Advertisements help create awareness among customers, educating them as to what their options are when buying something they need. Therefore, it’s important to include all necessary information in your ads. That being said, it’s important to remember advertising by itself may not be enough. You also have to know how to effectively advertise.

Effective ad ideas include things like appealing to the customer’s emotions, knowing your audience, including all the important information about the product, making the ad eye-catching, etc. This can be tricky. Essentially, your ad ideas need to motivate your customers to walk into your store.

One exciting thing to feature on advertisements is a travel incentive. These help your ads stand out (because customers will only look at an ad for a second) from the competition. They’re a gift-with-purchase, a freebie, and if you effectively promote this travel incentive, customers won’t be able to resist the offer.

Jewelry Store Promotional Ideas

A Great Jewelry Store Advertising Idea

A travel incentive is a complimentary vacation you reward your customers with when they choose you over your competitors. It’s great to include in your advertisements. This is because travel incentives not only reward your customers, but they also positively promote your business. The offer looks great on any advertisement and gives your customers a reason to talk about your business with their friends and family. Word of mouth is the best way to get new customers as people trust their friends and family for referrals. Imagine them sitting around and mentioning that they’re going on a complimentary vacation just because they bought something from your store. It’s a great offer, but as you might imagine, hard to start by yourself.

Travel incentives are very effective at increasing traffic flow and sales to your store. However, just like designing an effective ad and marketing strategy, planning a travel incentive isn’t easy. Think about how much planning you do for your own vacations. Now, imagine doing that for every one of your customers. That’s a lot of work, right? This is why it’s a good idea to outsource with a company like Odenza Marketing Group. Their team will work with you every step of the way to help make your special promotion a success.

If you think this offer and company sound too good to be true, just ask Sammy Karaja, the owner of Borealis Diamonds in Alberta, Canada. Karaja decided to collaborate with Odenza Marketing Group to plan a jewelry store promotion and offer a travel incentive. The sales and in-store traffic that this jewelry store promotion brought Borealis Diamonds were much higher than average for the store.

Borealis Diamonds cares about their customers as they offer some great services including jewelry repair, custom designing, watch repair, and engraving. Their products are also amazing as they sell Canadian diamonds, brand name watches, gemstones, gold/silver jewelry, and are an exclusive retailer of Simon G. Best of all, if you’re working with a budget, they offer some amazing clearance items, in addition to their regular priced items. This is regularly featured in their advertisements as part of their marketing strategy. However, they were still having some problems generating awareness for their store. This changed when Odenza Marketing Group helped Karaja come up with an amazing travel incentive for Borealis Diamonds.

The Jewelry Store Promotion

When they started offering the Odenza travel incentives, their offer was simple. During the jewelry store promotion, every customer that spent $2,000 or more would receive a free trip to either Las Vegas or Mexico. There was also a raffle featuring one of the trips as a reward at their other store location. This jewelry store promotion generated a lot of excitement among their customers.

What made this jewelry store promotion so effective wasn’t just how amazing the offer was, but also how it was advertised. Borealis Diamonds and the Odenza Marketing Group advertised this special promotion on various radio stations and in newspapers, as well as on posters they hung up on their store windows. Karaja knew the newspaper advertisements were effective because he saw many customers walk into his store holding the newspaper ad in their hands.

The posters were effective because as people walked by the store, these ad ideas really grabbed some attention. They really helped to create awareness for Borealis Diamonds. Most customers that walked in said they had no idea Borealis Diamonds was there until they saw their eye-catching ads featuring the travel incentive. When talking about the special offer, Karaja said, “It’s very strange, we’re in the middle of downtown and people drive by every day, but they don’t even notice that we’re here. Giving out trips for 2 to Vegas or Mexico is something really big and people actually talk about it.” The jewelry store promotion was also advertised by word of mouth as many people came in because of referrals from friends and family.

Finally, if customers were unsure whether they wanted to take advantage of the offer, Odenza gave Karaja and his employees “Be-Back” cards. These cards featured all the important information about the travel incentives on them. If customers were on the fence about buying jewelry from Borealis, they were given these cards. It gave customers the opportunity to think about the offer, cutting some of the pressure on them. What was also great, was that they usually came back after receiving these cards.

Watch the video below to see another Jewelry store success story.

Let Odenza Marketing Group Help You

As you can see, the Odenza Marketing Group helped Karaja and Borealis Diamonds in more than one way with this jewelry store promotion. They helped them plan an amazing offer and helped them come up with some very effective ad ideas to promote this offer. This offer also generated positive awareness amongst new customers. The travel incentive really helped shine a positive light on Borealis Diamonds, and it can do the same for your company.

The results of this jewelry store promotion were made possible because of the effective ad ideas that Odenza Marketing Group generated with Borealis Diamonds. This is where Odenza Marketing Group comes in. They’ll work with you and your customers every step of the way to make sure your offer is unique and appealing.

Just like they did with Borealis Diamonds, Odenza will help you generate some great ad ideas for your special promotion. Odenza’s award-winning sales and marketing teams work with their clients to make sure customers are aware of the offer through effective advertising and marketing. They also offer free marketing materials, such as posters, banners, balloons and more to decorate your store and really make your offer stand out.

Then, Odenza’s experienced travel agents will work with your customers to help them plan their complimentary getaway. Borealis let their customers choose between Mexico and Las Vegas, but Odenza has many destinations to choose from. Some of Odenza’s incentives include cruises, Disney World, sports tickets and exotic resort getaways. You’re sure to find something that your customers will enjoy. They’ll get their complimentary vacation planned out with Odenza and all you have to do is hand them the travel certificate. Odenza will handle the rest.

Best of all, Odenza offers a free consultation, so you can get the information you need to make a decision when you’re comfortable. Your customers will thank you for the great reward and you will have barely lifted a finger to make it happen. So, what are you waiting for? Call Odenza today for help in advertising, promotion, and planning an offer that will really reward your customers. Travel incentives are more affordable than you might think and they’re one of the best ad ideas out there!


Drive More Auto Sales with Odenza Travel Incentives

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When it comes to selling cars, sometimes it can be a real challenge to get customers to reach that final decision you’re hoping for. Unlike a lot of other goods and services out there, the purchase of a car is a huge investment that will set most people back thousands at the very least. There are plenty of approaches worth considering when it comes to boosting auto sales, but one truly powerful option comes in the form of travel incentives.

Incentives that Speak to a Key Desire

Odenza specializes in helping auto dealers boost sales through travel incentives, and we know a lot about why they work so well. One reason is that travel incentives are comparatively unique to many of the run-of-the-mill incentives auto dealers try to utilize.

Things such as fuel vouchers or cash back offers are commonplace, but often too commonplace to the point that they become a detriment. If a particular incentive program rolls around like clockwork each year, then savvy consumers can safely surmise that the “limited cash back offer” will be back once more the same time next year.

Sure, travel incentives can be utilized in a similar cyclical fashion each year, but this brings me to another important point of differentiation between travel incentives and other offers: people desire travel – they want to go on vacation. Not only does a vacation substantially influence an individual’s own happiness, the process of organizing a vacation also does wonders for their well-being.

Research by Dr. Joeroen Nawijn of the Netherlands found that pre-trip planning significantly boosts a person’s happiness, especially any planning that occurs during the 8-week period prior to the trip itself.

This is a key point that really helps define why travel incentives tend to hold an edge over other offers or promotions. People want to go on vacation and get away from their day-to-day stress, and they love the experience from initial thoughts through to the vacation itself. A travel incentive speaks far more effectively to one of our most essential human emotions – joy – and it’s something you can take advantage of to sell more units.

Simple Incentives, Phenomenal Results

To give you an idea of just how effective travel incentives can be, let’s look at how one Texas-based Honda auto dealer used them. With a planned 5-day sale on the horizon, this client wanted to implement a strategy that would help them see substantial sales growth during that period. To gain some edge on their competition for the sale, they invested in Odenza’s Fly Away N’ Play Las Vegas program.

This incentive, as you no doubt guessed, offered prospective customers a trip to Las Vegas if they purchased a vehicle from the dealership during the 5-day sale. The result? They moved an additional 25 units over their projected goal. With such remarkable success, they continued to run the promotion until the end of March for their Truck Month campaign.


Promotion and Marketing

Achieving such great results does require a little more than having good travel incentives. It also requires a well-defined promotional strategy.

On this front, the client knew that they had to get the message out to as many prospective customers as possible. To do this, they took three primary approaches. Radio and newspaper advertisements made up two of these approaches, with the ads being targeted at those within the Laredo, Texas area. The third approach went beyond mere advertising, and was undoubtedly a seemingly simple, yet very clever, step by the dealership.

The client invested in a direct mail campaign where they sent out postcard invitations to locals. Those who came into the dealership during the 5-day sale and brought their postcard in with them were automatically entered into a random prize draw to win a trip to Vegas. This added that extra edge: you didn’t even have to buy a car to have the chance of going on a trip. As a result, more people made their way to the dealership during that 5-day window.

For the dealership, having this extra flow of people was a great opportunity to make additional sales. Even if those who came along simply to enter the contest weren’t initially considering a vehicle, they were still prospective customers. As is evident from the increase in sales, the ads and prize giveaway did a great job of bringing people in, which allowed the dealers to use the travel incentives to close more sales

This strategy worked well for this client. Keep in mind, there are plenty of other avenues individual dealerships can make use of with these vacations. Social media is a big one, with the likes of Facebook ads being a fantastic, affordable way of getting the word out for a new promotion or incentive. You can use email marketing, Google Ads, print and billboards, radio, or a TV spot or two. For smaller dealerships worried about their budgets, online advertising is a great way to go when it comes to promoting a sale or travel incentive program.

Choosing the Right Travel Incentive

Finally, take into consideration what kinds of travel incentives your customers would likely be interested in. Ask your sales team for feedback as they are dealing with your customers on a daily basis.

While a sun-soaked getaway may appeal to people in one area, the same may not apply to others elsewhere. If it’s hard to narrow things down, don’t forget you can look into incentives that have options. Maybe it’s Vegas, a cruise, or sports and concert tickets depending on your clientele. In the end, options don’t hurt, especially if they can help you secure a sale.

Drive Your Sales Today

If you want to find out how Odenza can help your dealership increase sales and achieve greater success, contact us today for your free consultation or fill out the form at the bottom of this page. We’d be happy to take you through what we offer and how it works. As the number one travel incentives agency in North America, you’re in good hands.

We understand that customer satisfaction is imperative to all auto dealers, which is why we have the finest travel consultants on staff. They ensure that the customers you gain through any travel incentive program go on to have truly memorable, wonderful trips. It is our mission to make our clients and our clients’ customers smile. You can see the amazing experiences our travel customers have had at Odenza Reviews.


Hyundai Dealership Increases Sales with Odenza Travel Incentive Promotion

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Hyundai Auto Dealership Increased Sales with a Great Travel Incentive Promotion

What’s An Incentive?

An incentive is something that motivates a person to take action. In business, an incentive is a special prize that’s beneficial for both the business owner and his/her customers. There are many reasons why this is true; it provides a company with a great marketing strategy, it shows your customers that you appreciate their business, it helps your business and customer base to grow, etc.

Offering an incentive is a great marketing strategy because, when featured on an advertisement, it can grab some serious attention. This special prize increases curiosity, which further increases traffic into your store. Better yet, if customers have a great experience with the incentive, they’ll be inclined to tell their friends and family.

Incentives help to make customers feel appreciated and valued. These feelings are important because they build customer satisfaction and loyalty. If you get to know your customers, you can offer them something that you know they’ll like, further increasing their happiness and gratification.

Finally, incentives not only help your customers, but they also help your business; they’re that extra push needed to finalize a sale. If your customers are on the fence about buying your product, offer them a complimentary gift and give them something extra for their money. If they like the service you’ve provided and the gift they’ve received, the likelihood that they’ll choose you over the competition increases.

Incentives are a win-win. Your customers are happy that they’ve received something extra for their time and money and you’re securing the sale and their loyalty. Offering a special prize will help your business grow and flourish over time.

Travel Incentive

So, what’s the best incentive to offer your customers? Incentives include special prizes like a gift-with-purchase, “buy two get one free” specials, store credit, etc., but the best incentive to offer customers is a travel incentive. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy a complimentary vacation? Going on a vacation is something that people don’t get to do very often day and complimentary ones are especially unique. Your customers can create memories with loved ones they’ll have for years to come. On the flip side, if you offer them something like a gift card or cash these prizes will quickly be spent and forgotten about.

If that’s not enough, according to a survey conducted by USA Today, 93% of customers prefer travel incentives to any other incentive out there. Additionally, studies show that businesses who use these incentives as a marketing strategy see a 30% increase in their sales. Just ask Paul Erickson, the general manager of Eide Hyundai Suzuki in Grand Forks, North Dakota. This dealership generated a special promotion with the help of the Odenza Marketing Group and saw a dramatic increase in their sales when implementing this marketing strategy.

The Goal of this Special Promotion

One of the reasons Erickson offered his customers a travel incentive is because he wanted a marketing strategy that would help the business stand out from the competition. In an interview, Erickson said, “All the car dealers in town pretty much run the same promotions, but I had never seen a vacation as a reward for purchasing.” There was even a similar special prize offered by one of their competitors, but this was just a raffle. Eide Hyundai Suzuki’s three-week special promotion was a different marketing strategy because they gave this special prize to every customer that bought a car from them.

This special prize was a complimentary trip to Las Vegas and really grabbed some attention when featured in their advertisements. Word-of-mouth, combined with their eye-catching advertising, generated excitement among customers and brought many new ones in. Erickson was so excited about the results of this marketing strategy that they extended the offer for another three weeks (a total of six weeks)! None of this would’ve been possible without the Odenza Marketing Group.

The Odenza Marketing Group

Travel incentives are the best incentive any business can offer their customers. However, implementing one is easier said than done, and that’s where the Odenza Marketing Group comes in! They helped Eide Hyundai Suzuki with their marketing strategy, so, why wouldn’t they be able to help any other business?

According to a study conducted by Concordia University, the Odenza Marketing Group is the number one travel incentives agency out there. They offer free marketing support and materials, employ certified and experienced travel agents, and, best of all, they offer exclusivity in your market to help your special prize REALLY stand out from the competition. See what these GM’s had to say about Odenza.

Additionally, not only are their marketing materials and support free, their Marketing Department has won three prestigious awards from the Gallery of Superb Printing Awards. The Odenza Marketing Group is also a three-time recipient of Carnival Cruise Lines’ “Pinnacle Club” award for sales excellence. Finally, they’re recognized for their superior customer service in dealing with their clients and their client’s customers – and with a free consultation, what have you got to lose?

Paul Erickson had nothing but positive things to say about the Odenza Marketing Group and this special prize. So, if you want a great marketing strategy that helps you stand out from your competitors and increases appreciation and loyalty in your customers, hire the Odenza Marketing Group to help you plan a travel incentive. You’ve got nothing to lose and a lot to gain.