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How to Increase Your Flooring Sales with Travel Incentives

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Over the past couple of months, we’ve noticed that search queries related to “flooring sales” have led to more and more users ending up on our website. Along with sales events, there have also been inquiries into marketing and advertising strategies for flooring companies.

Given that advertising is a hugely important element of marketing, the key question here is: “Are incentives an effective means of improving upon my flooring company’s marketing and sales objectives?”

In this article, I will be providing answers to this question by discussing the following:

• Marketing & advertising

◦ The importance of proving your company’s value to customers

• How incentives can be utilized to close more sales

◦ The importance of consistency in your marketing and sales efforts for optimal results

Marketing & Advertising

Within the entire scope of what marketing involves, advertising is often one of the more the costly investments – this is especially true when you take the expenses of traditional advertising platforms into account.

But even if you’re keeping your ad budget strictly bound to online advertising, there is an inherent cost that is greater than many other online marketing costs.

That’s what makes it so important to get the absolute most you can out of your ad budget. As such, what you advertise needs to spark interest in both your current and prospective customers.

Ask yourself this question: What am I going to be advertising and what will my customers get out of it? The second part of that question is the most important.

As cynical as it can sound, the customer does not care about you or your product; they care about what you and your product (or service) can do for them. It’s your job to prove the value of your product and business.

Along with that proven value, an extra exciting bonus can help you seal someone’s interest. “BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE!” “Get your first month on us!” “Spend $1K, enjoy a weekend away!”

This is where sales incentives can fit into your advertising – as well as your overall marketing plan. Because whether it’s a sale, a contest, or some other type of promotion, your marketing has an extra edge when you offer something of additional inherent value to the customer.

Proving Your Value

How do you go about proving your business’s worth to a prospective customer? Some key approaches to consider, first and foremost, include:


• If possible, any statistics related to your company’s performance (e.g. a customer satisfaction rating of X%, guarantee job completion rates of X days, and so on)

• Links to, or embedding onto your website, customer reviews

• Clear list of common customer pain-points and how you address them

Your value is definitively linked to the trust that a prospective customer has in your business. As advertising has a more immediate impact and is limited in nature, you’ll want to complement it with wider marketing efforts such as those listed above.

Whether you’re sharing testimonials on your website or social media, or you’re delivering valuable advice through a blog or a brief post on Facebook, you’ll want to regularly put effort in to prove your flooring business’s knowledge and, by extension, its value and trustworthiness.


Much in the same way vacation incentives heighten your ads and total marketing impact, they play an integral role in closing sales – and this can be essential when your customer is considering your quote against those of your closest competitors.

There’s only so much money you can take off from a quote to best a competitor – and sometimes you won’t be able to take any money off whatsoever. Trip incentives fill in this blank; they allow you to maintain prices that will be beneficial to your company’s bottom line while still giving the customer an offer of value and reason to choose you.

A great way to put the vacation incentive front and center with your price quote is through what we call a “leave behind.” It provides attractive details on what the incentive itself offers the customer.

For example, if you offer a 5-day cruise, the leave behind acts as a visually appealing pamphlet that explains all of the perks and unique experiences the customer will have if they buy from you and receive the cruise certificate as part of the sale.

Be Consistent

Remember that most of the success that comes from sales incentive promotions is through how they’re utilized and marketed. You can increase interest in your travel incentives by marketing them – inform the public that you’re including vacation offers with flooring contracts. And don’t be afraid to use the vacation incentives in multiple ways – for sales events, contests, customer appreciation prizes, etc.

In other words, you want your efforts to be all-encompassing. The marketing, the advertising, the sales process. Ensure they’re in harmony with one another as a cohesive whole. Maintain a consistent message, and you’ll find that your incentives will take your marketing and sales to the next level.

Get in touch

If you want to learn more about travel incentives and how they can provide you with an all-encompassing marketing and sales solution for your flooring company, you can reach out to us by calling 1-866-883-2968 or by simply filling out the form at the bottom of this page.


The “Delight and Surprise” Social Media Strategy

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Are your reviews not where they should be? You probably know what you need to do but just can’t get it quite right.

Let’s face it, it’s human nature to leave bad reviews. When people are upset they will more than happily take to social media and roast your company.

But when customers are happy, they generally don’t say anything. You need to give them a reason to step up, and exert some effort to leave you a review that is going to be of big benefit to you.

We have some tips, some tried and true methods, to not only increase the quantity of reviews on Google, Facebook and other websites; but to also up your average score.

Our program will increase your average score, surprise and delight your customers, get you more reviews, and motivate your sales people.

There are two different strategies you can use simultaneously to really amp up your reviews; or you can use them one at a time to address particular issues.

Number one: contest

This is the easiest strategy and involves running a contest inside your company.

Let all your customers know that, every week, you’ll be giving away a complimentary five-day cruise for two people and all they have to do to be eligible is to leave a review on your Facebook page, Google, or whatever other sites you would like.

You can deliver this message through a post on your Facebook page, via an email to your customer base, through newsletters, or on point-of-sale material directly in your store.

In order to get your sales team behind the program, we recommend using our tickets and entertainment program or a gift card to Amazon or Starbucks for whoever collects the most reviews by month’s end.

Make the contest fun, use some balloons, or table talkers to promote the contest inside the organization and put some oomph behind it.

NOTE: Word of advice from our own experiences.

If you run this program for longer than a month make sure you change up the gift. Although your customers will not really notice any difference, your internal staff and your sales team will get bored. We have a variety of different trips and different gifts you can use to keep it fresh.

Number two: point-of-sale review


This strategy is designed to capture the reviews at the very moment your customer is thrilled with your service. It requires the full participation of your sales team, as well as some reminders and push from you or sales management.

After every sale, when the customer is thrilled about their purchase, tell the customer you have a surprise for them. Thank them for their business and reinforce the fact that customer satisfaction is paramount to your business. Ensure this is achieved by giving them a complimentary trip to Las Vegas.

Then, while they are still surprised and delighted, ask them:

“Reviews are really important to our business. Would you mind if we took a picture of you holding the Las Vegas voucher; and then could you please post it on your favorite social media site and use #OurCompany?”

Now, remember not to use your own phone. Your sales people must use the phone of the customer to take the photograph.

Once the photograph has been taken it is immediately uploaded to the customer’s social media by pressing just a couple of buttons. While they are doing this, they can also post the great review using the same photo. You must give your sales team a few hints that they can pass along to the customer, such as:

• “Look at my new car from ABC motors, and best of all my sales rep Tom surprised me and Jerry with a trip to Las Vegas! Thank you so much, five stars.”

• “Here we were buying furniture at ABC furniture store and our sales rep NG surprised us with a complimentary vacation – you’re the best! Five stars.”

You may have found in the past that customers are tentative to open their social media to such a request; but when they are in the middle of being delighted with a complimentary gift you just gave them, they will be thrilled to do it for you.

Word of advice: Find out which social media platform is their favorite before you give them the surprise.

If they don’t have a Facebook account, or a Yelp account, or have never posted anything on Google before and have no idea what it is they’re meant to do, then you’re probably going to have a hard time getting them to do anything.

You have to work at reviews, because your competition is also working. They don’t come quickly and they don’t come easily, but if you implement these simple few steps you will start to see improvement in both the quantity and your score.

Research tells us that a half-point increase in an average review can mean a 25% lift to some businesses. It’s simply something you cannot ignore. Good luck.

Get in touch

If you want to learn more about travel incentives or what we do here at Odenza, you can reach out to us by calling 1-866-883-2968 or by simply filling out the form at the bottom of this page.


3 Ways an NY Dealership Wins with Travel Incentives

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See How this NY Dealership Yields Great Results with Travel Incentives

It goes without saying that New York state is full of competitive auto dealers and auto malls that are slugging it out to win customers business. If you type in “auto dealers in new york state” into Google, unsurprisingly you get hundreds and hundreds of results – and many of these results show dealerships with ratings of 4 stars and higher.

In such a saturated market of well-regarded dealerships, you need to make a good first impression. We’ve spoken about this in the past, such as with Sutherlin Nissan in Florida, but the ways in which travel incentives can be utilized to give your dealership that much desired edge are never a one-size-fits-all affair.

In this blog, the focus is going to be on Driver’s Village in Syracuse, New York – particularly, a client who runs a Kia, Fiat, and Mazda dealership within Driver’s Village.

1. A Competitive Edge

No doubt having a competitive edge over your direct competitors is something you want. But what you may not have otherwise considered are those less obvious competitors – those other companies offering a completely different product/service that your customer is also taking into consideration. In the event your prospective customer opts to invest in that product or service, they may no longer have enough money to invest in buying a new vehicle from your dealership.

Travel incentives provide you with a solid competitive edge. Say, for example, that other product/service a potential customer is considering is a vacation. If buying a car from you meant they could still go on a vacation, but for much less, don’t you think that would give you a competitive edge? And not just against your direct competitors, but the very vacation your customers were otherwise in the midst of funding.

General Manager Willis Amica uses the power of these vacation offers to his advantage, candidly stating, “One thing I alway say is, ‘Hey, you’re gonna buy a car, anyway; you might as well take a vacation.’” It’s simple, but powerful; because suddenly you’re not just a car dealership, but you’re also a place of business that can offer customers an emotionally rejuvenating experience. From time to time, everyone needs a vacation – that invaluable experience of simply letting everything from their day-to-day life go.

2. Postcards

Another approach Willis likes to take is to have customers who end up going on a vacation to send through postcards and/or photos of their trip. Not only does it show him that his customers make use of the provided travel certificates, but it also allows him to show these postcards to other prospective customers. Instead of having generic stock imagery, he has real-world examples of prior customers who had amazing experiences thanks to his dealerships. These authentic examples make new customers feel more confident about the travel offers he and his sales team put forward.

Another important aspect of this practice is that it helps reinforce the positive association customers form with the dealership. If you encourage your customers to send through a postcard or photo of their vacation once they return home, it reminds them of the fact that you’re the reason they were able to go on it in the first place – those fond memories mix with an even stronger fondness and appreciation of your dealership.

3. An Undeniable Perk

Touching on the competitive edge offered by incentives again, another key perk is how travel incentives deviate from the more typical customer rewards such as cashback offers, gas cards, tablet devices, etc. Many of these rewards have become so commonplace and short-lived in terms of the positive affect they have on consumers, that they can hold little perceived value in the long run.

For vacations, however, this perceived value increases substantially. As Willis notes, given travel incentives are infrequently offered when compared to other rewards (such as those mentioned above), they will set you apart. At Odenza, we offer local exclusivity to our clients, which means they don’t have to worry about a nearby competitor being able to offer the same travel product or incentive. This will undoubtedly help your business maintain its competitive edge.

To learn more about our travel incentive products and marketing services, get in touch with us online, fill out the below form, or call 1-866-883-2968.


Having a Good Referral Program Can Make All the Difference

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The Power Behind Word of Mouth

Think about the best way to find a new business; who would you trust more, your friends and family or an advertisement that tells you they’re the best?

A great advertising campaign and an effective marketing strategy are all very important, but word of mouth is the most powerful way to spread the good word (or worse, bad word) about your business. There’s an old saying that a happy customer will tell one person about a business, but an angry customer will tell ten, and with social media, these numbers have increased. When you strip the business aspect away, you’re left with people buying from people. Those people who buy from you refer other people. You don’t want your company to be the one they’re not talking about, or dismissing.  It’s important to have referrals because they acquire consumers that other channels can’t.

Referral Programs are One Way to Get People Talking

To get people talking about your business in a positive way, you need to first earn their satisfaction by providing them with good customer service and making them happy. Once they’re happy, ask them for a referral. Consumers who are happy with your business are glad to recommend you to their friends, but sometimes they forget. Asking them will remind them to do so. When they do refer you, however, it’s important to have an effective referral program.

Not only does a referral program motivate customers to refer your company to their friends and family, it also rewards them for doing so, so you want something that will stand out. Whether you have a big idea or a little idea, you need to offer something to your consumers.  One great option is a travel incentive.

Travel Incentives as a Reward

A travel incentive is a great option for a referral program. Other options include phone calls, emails, gift certificates, discounts, etc., but a recent survey conducted by USA Today found that 93% of consumers prefer travel incentives over other incentives.

A vacation is more memorable than any of the other referral programs just listed. If you offer a client money, chances are they’ll forget about it. People use money for everyday things, but a vacation they’ll remember for a long time to come because of how rare the opportunity is. They’ll create many memories with loved ones, look back on these memories, and be reminded of how they got there in the first place.

However, because travel incentives are a great idea, planning the program can be a bit overwhelming. A great option is outsourcing and a great company to do it with is Odenza.

Odenza is the leading vacation incentives company in the market because, among other things, we have the marketing expertise, rewards, and services you need for a great referral program. In fact, when you take advantage of our services, you’ll pay as little as 1/10th the cost of travel, which will save you time and money.

We also understand that each business is unique, which is especially true when it comes to clientele. This is exemplified by our travel agents who help you plan a unique referral program that’s tailored to your business. This is sure to make your consumers very happy. We also give you travel certificates and materials for your showroom. Your clients will refer your business because, they’ll not only be happy with your services and your company, but also the reward they received for bringing you more business.


Why are Travel Incentives a Great Promotional Idea?

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You could have the greatest idea for a business and you might be the best in the business, but if you don’t promote your product effectively, it won’t make much of a difference. There are many ways to promote your business; social media, blogs, contests, etc., but a great promotional idea is to offer your customers travel incentives.

Why are Travel Incentives a great Promotional Idea?

There are many great promotional ideas out there, however, travel incentives are a proven, effective strategy that results in building clientele and generating revenue. According to a recent study, businesses that used vacation travel incentives in their marketing and promotions saw a 30% increase in their sales.

Why is this true? Let’s use money as an example of an alternative prize to a vacation. Essentially, if you offer a client money, chances are they won’t remember it as much as they would a vacation. The reason for this is that people receive money regularly. They’ll use it to pay off bills or to treat themselves to a shopping spree. However, vacations don’t come around as often. People usually don’t have the time or the money to go on a vacation. This is why it’s so special.

Furthermore, if they’re with a loved they’ll create wonderful memories, have great stories to share with friends, and have great photos to remind them of those great memories for years to come. Wouldn’t it be great if every time they looked at those photos, they remembered that your business is what got them there in the first place?

Additionally, it’s not only a great idea to offer travel incentives to your customers, but to your employees as well. Offering a prize to employees who do a great job motivates them to provide great customer service. This increases customer satisfaction, making you and your business look good.

What are some good Travel Incentives?

There are many great promotional ideas when it comes to travel incentives. Some of these include,

  • Referrals: Offer a trip to a customer who refers a certain number of friends to your company. This will motivate them to use your business, reward them for doing so, and bring new customers in.
  • Loyalty: Offer customers a travel incentive if they use your business for a certain amount of time.
  • Closing a Deal: When you’re about to close a deal with a potential client, it looks good if you inform them that, in addition to their purchase, they’ll receive a complimentary travel incentive.

Why Odenza?

Want to learn more about some great travel incentives? Odenza is the leading company offering this service. Our award-winning staff works with you to help you develop a strategy that fits your marketing campaign and works with your promotional ideas. There are a number of different ways to offer travel incentives and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Ready to start? Fill out the form at the bottom of this page.